The creator of Super Smash Bros. Masahiro Sakurai shows off his silver YouTube play button


The YouTube channel, which is headed by the creator of Super Smash Bros. and Kirby Masahiro Sakurai, has overcome an important milestone and received a Silver YouTube Play button to commemorate it. For the uninitiated: After Sakurai posted the latest daily screenshot of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tweeted that he would launch a new YouTube channel known as “Masahiro Sakurai on Making Games”, with Japanese and English versions for fans to follow along. This YouTube channel will be dedicated to his principles of game development and how every aspect is an integral part of player entertainment.

Considering that many people enjoy great respect or are fans of his work, many have started subscribing to the channel. Although most of the subscribed fans are gamers, not game designers, they still wanted to see the point of view of an industry veteran like Sakurai on various topics and his views on the development of fun games. Unsurprisingly, the number of fans who love Super Smash Bros., Kirby or other games that the industry legend has worked on is unsurprising. Sakurai’s new YouTube channel has crossed the milestone and received a silver plaque with a play button.

The Silver Play button is part of the YouTube Creator Awards, where this award is given to channels that have reached or exceeded 100,000 subscribers. At the time of writing this article, the English-language and Japanese Sakurai channels have approximately 455,000 and 384,000 subscribers, respectively, which easily exceeds the qualification requirements. When Sakurai announced the award on his Twitter account, he noted that it was “fast”, probably referring to the number of followers and how quickly the award was also delivered to him.

Next to the photo with Sakurai’s award was a tweet in which he thanked many fans who subscribed to the channel from both the English and Japanese sides. Many gaming figures and fans also congratulated him on his achievement, and many gamers noted that it was interesting to hear the opinion and advice of this person about the development of games based on his own experience.

Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube channel is divided into various categories that analyze different parts of game design, with corresponding playlists describing them. This includes videos about the essence of game design, the right work ethic when it comes to video game development, or even stories about how games like Kirby’s Dream Land or Kirby’s Adventure for the NES came to be. Given the number of fans of Masahiro Sakurai’s work, in the future the channel may exceed the requirements for receiving the next poster.


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