The Creator of “Succession” Decided to End The Show, Despite The Fact That HBO Was Hungry For More


Showrunner of the series Jesse Armstrong decided to close the show, despite the fact that HBO is eager for new seasons.

HBO executive director Casey Bloys said the television network behind the hit “would have needed more” seasons. In a conversation with Variety, Bloys hinted that the network is at least hoping to get two more seasons from Armstrong.

“I would take more, but generally speaking, that’s what you want to leave to the creator,” Bloys said. Explaining why this very popular comedy drama is coming to an end, the host said that it completely depends on Armstrong’s creative vision.

“When the show is going well, in this case Jesse felt it was the right ending,” Bloys said. “He knew there was an open door, and if he felt it, he could have done more.”

He added, “But it’s an ideal situation; that he decides to end on his own terms whenever he wants by telling the story he wants. But if he had said, “I have two more seasons,” I would have said, “Okay, okay.”

The last season of the show has already been highly praised, and early reviews of the first four episodes received four and five stars from most critics. One review said the season was filled with “powerful performances,” while another said, “Your jaw will drop after watching this last season.”

The season begins after the events of the third season finale, when Tom Wambsgans (Matthew McFadyen) informed Logan Roy (Brian Cox) about Roy’s siblings’ plan to prevent Waystar Royco from merging with GoJo.

Now that the company is slipping away from them, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) must continue plotting against their father in an ongoing power struggle.

The premiere of the final season of “Succession” will take place on Sunday (March 26).


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