The creator of “Sharp Visors” is working on a drama about illegal boxing for Disney Plus


The creator of “Sharp Visors” Stephen Knight is working on a new original Disney Plus series called “A Thousand Blows”. The 12-part historical drama, set in the Victorian era, tells about the underground scene of illegal boxing in East London.

The new series from Disney Plus tells the story of two best friends from Jamaica who, after arriving in London, struggle to survive in the cruel melting pot of the Victorian London East End. At the same time, they encounter a dangerous veteran boxer named Sugar Goodson, played by British actor Stephen Graham. Knight will serve as creator and lead writer, and episodes will also be written by Ameer Brown, Insook Chappell, Harlan Davis and Yasmin Joseph. Graham will star and executive produce alongside Hannah Walters and award-winning broadcaster and historian Professor David Olusoga. The world premiere of “A Thousand Blows” will take place on Disne Plus and on Hulu in the USA.

“I am very excited to be working on this project with Steven, as well as with a very talented production team and a group of screenwriters,” Knight said in a statement. “I always like to dive into an untold story, and this story really deserves to be told.” Knight is an experienced TV and film screenwriter whose feature—length works include David Cronenberg’s Russian gangster film “Eastern Promises” and Tom Hardy’s car “Locke”. He is perhaps best known for creating “Sharp Visors,” which tells the story of a crime family in Birmingham in the early 20th century. The series recently concluded its sixth and final season, but a feature film written by Knight is currently in the works.

“The opportunity to work with Steve again and the talented writing team we have for this project is truly wonderful,” Graham said. “Telling the stories of these incredible characters during this time period in London is a joy.” Graham recently appeared in the sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders, where he played fearless union representative Hayden Stagg, Graham is best known for his flamboyant role as a violent skinhead in the 2006 film This is England and its television sequels.

Among his other works in feature films are the crime comedy directed by Guy Ritchie “The Big Jackpot” and Martin Scorsese’s historical epic “Gangs of New York”. He is also known for his television work, including the forbidden HBO drama “Underground Empire”, where he played the legendary gangster Al Capone, and the BBC police drama “On Duty”.

“Peaky Blinders” is available on Netflix.


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