The creator of Schitt’s Creek gives encouraging information about the continuation of the film


After the series ended in 2020, Dan Levy shared his thoughts about returning to Sheets Creek to shoot the film. The series got a sincere ending, as each character seems to have a bright future ahead of them, unlike their difficult start to the first season. Although the finale was well received by viewers, interest in sequels and spin-offs has not faded yet, as fans are desperate to see more from Rose’s family and their friends.

Seeing such a high demand for additional content, last year creator Levi (who also plays David Rose) teased the potential for the film “Shitt’s Cove.” This has led many fans to hope that they will see more of this family of comedy series, but Levi does not take this decision lightly and quickly said that he would only return if the right idea came up. The writer felt that the finale gave a beautiful conclusion to the “Bay of Shitt”, and is afraid to return without a good reason.

Levy repeated this during an interview with People, stating that he would only work on a sequel to Schitt’s Creek if the story was correct. This time, the creator looks much more optimistic about this idea, assuring fans that the cast and crew want to work together again. Levy wants to respect the audience they have gathered by approaching the film “Shitt’s Cove” with caution, as he fears it could turn out to be a money grab. Read Levy’s full quote below:

I hope that one day we can all come together. I see these people all the time. We are in constant contact with each other. So there is love. There is a desire to work together, there is a desire to tell more stories. I think it all comes down to making sure it’s the right story. And I think we’re also proud of working on Schitt’s. And when you end up on such a high, it really makes you think very carefully about what the next step will be. Because whatever it is, it’s a continuation of something that most people don’t have, that they don’t see in their lives. And I really respect the public in this. I think when you have an audience that pays attention to you for 80 episodes of a TV show, the last thing you want is to release something that will make them think it’s like grabbing money. And that’s not what we’re talking about. So TBD, but TBD with an exclamation mark at the end.

Annie Murphy, who played Alexis Rose, as well as the fans, desperately needs the return of the characters. In 2021, Murphy admitted that he bullied Levi daily about the film “Shitta Bay”. Some potential storylines have even been suggested by Murphy, such as the story of David and Patrick (Noah Reed), who adopted a child together after getting married in the season 6 finale. Murphy says that she even jokingly bribed her partner several times to make a film, but, unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

Even with the great ending that “Shitta Bay” got, it’s nice to see Levi apparently returning with great enthusiasm. In the absence of new Schitt’s Creek ideas, the cast and crew took on new projects of their own. As both the Schitt’s Creek team and the fans are looking forward to new content, we hope this break will give the writers an opportunity to look at the characters with fresh eyes again, which will help them develop new ideas. Although this doesn’t bring fans any closer to the real sequel to “Shitt’s Cove,” the creators are clearly taking it seriously, which bodes well for the quality of any sequel to the story that viewers will see.