The Creator of “Minecraft” Spent Three Months Recreating “Africa” Toto


It is reported that the creator of Minecraft spent three months recreating Toto’s “Africa” in the game.

User Stacinator shared a video about his creative efforts on Reddit, writing: “After 3 months, I finally finished this project! Here is a fragment of Totos Africa in notebooks and command blocks.”

Esports reporter and YouTuber Jake Lucky also shared that the creator posted more than 17,000 note blocks and 19,000 command blocks to create a savannah-style melody and background.

You can watch the full video below.

In the 3D sandbox game, players can explore worlds and build formations using blocks for various purposes, including note blocks that make a sound when attacked, used or powered by a red stone, which is described as “Minecraft’s equivalent of electricity.”

Describing the build process in a Reddit comment, the creator said: “For me, this project was the culmination of many different ideas that I at one point thought were beyond my capabilities, so I’m really proud of what I learned. I really encourage you to continue in the same spirit! You can surprise yourself with what you can do, I know what I’ve done.

In another comment, they also wrote that it was “the first song I wrote that used all the sounds of a block of notes in the game!”

In October, it was announced that camels, bamboo crafts and much more will appear in the Minecraft 1.20 update.

Mojang shared that he hopes to increase the number of ways players can present themselves or their creativity in the game, including “more fancy” hanging signs that will be launched in three different variants and can be made for all types of wood.

Elsewhere, last September, Minecraft teamed up with the BBC documentary Frozen Planet to help kids learn how climate change is affecting our wildlife.


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