The creator of Gravity Falls shared some strange requests for changes that he received from Disney


Gravity Falls turns 10 this week, and creator Alex Hirsch shared some behind-the-scenes looks at the show’s process to celebrate it. As a final bonus, he gave fans a look at Disney’s painstaking censorship process (and his witty answers).

Today, in a tweet thread, Hirsch shared videos and screenshots documenting some of the comments from Disney’s Standards and Practices department. Disney asks Hirsch to reconsider words like “pupface,” “God,” and “Lucifer.” However, each time Hirsch defends his choice.

In one case, Disney asked Hirsch to take the pipe out of the horse’s mouth on a movie poster, and Hirsch amusingly replied: “Why? Are you worried that we will force horses to smoke pipes?”

Hirsch even brought his problems with S&P to the show by adding the text “not approved by S&P” to a poster in the show that mentioned a bottle game that Disney was not a fan of.

Hirsch also shared a particularly lengthy exchange about one three-second clip of the show, which Disney found offensive because of its ability to create “unpleasant rhymes.”

Despite all the (attempted) censorship of Disney, we consider Gravity Falls to be one of the best animated series for adults. Although “Gravity Falls” has ended after two seasons, fans can look forward to Hirsch’s new works in the future, as the creator signed a contract with Netflix back in 2018.