The creator of Elite starts filming his new series “Feria”!


The Elite series is a huge hit on Netflix. The creator will soon release a brand new series: Feria. Elite fans can’t wait to see season 4. The creator will soon release a brand new Spanish series: Feria. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

For several years, Spanish series have been a hit on Netflix. Indeed, it started with La Casa de Papel. Then, shortly thereafter, fans got to see Elite, a series about teens in a high school for the rich.

Fans can’t wait to see the next season. However, season 4 will be very different since many characters will no longer be present. Fans will no longer see Lu or Nadia, because they will be in New York.

Nevertheless, the next season of Elite will feature other characters like Cayetana, Samuel and Rebeca. The three teenagers did not graduate and will therefore be returning to Las Encinas.

In addition to the return of this TV show, Netflix is ​​about to release a brand new Spanish series. This is called Feria.


Carlos Montero, creator of Elite takes on a whole new series. Feria, will be broadcast on Netflix and will be based on two teenagers who will discover heavy secrets about their parents. “What if two teenage sisters found out that their parents were monsters?” Netflix Spain announced on Instagram.

So, in Feria, fans will meet Eva and Sofía. The two teens go to investigate their parents. Then, they will learn that the latter are accused of having killed 23 people during a religious ritual in the 1990s.

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The creator of Elite has announced the start of filming for Feria. Thus, fans will have to wait many more months before seeing the series on Netflix. We still hope that it will take place in the middle of 2021.

Thus, the succession seems assured on the side of the Spanish series on Netflix. Indeed, season 5 of La Casa de Papel will mark the end of the series. Then, no one knows yet if Elite will have other seasons.


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