The Creator of 1080 ° Snowboarding Would Revive The Saga On Switch


1080 ° Snowboarding: Giles Goddard, one of the top managers of the Nintendo 64 game, declares his interest in seeing the title on Nintendo Switch. It does not depend on him. Giles Goddard, creator and programmer of 1080 ° Snowboarding for Nintendo 64, has acknowledged in a question and answer session on Reddit that he would be happy to bring the game to Nintendo Switch if Nintendo wanted to do so. The wish, whose realization depends strictly on the Japanese company, does not involve any announcement related to this celebrated series.

1080 ° Snowboarding was one of the most prominent sports games in the Nintendo 64 catalog; as did others like Excitebike 64 or Wave Race 64, which established themselves as some of the player favorites in the late nineties, compatible in the market with the commercial king of the track, Mario Kart 64.

Being a work developed and published by Nintendo, its availability on other platforms is a decision that the Kyoto firm must make. In fact, in the digital stores (Virtual Console) of Wii and Wii U they were launched with the passage of time. A canonical sequel to the game, 1080 Avalanche, was published on the GameCube in 2003 by Nintendo Software Technology and with the ability to play over LAN with four users on four consoles in multiplayer mode.

Chuhai Labs works on a spiritual successor to 1080 ° Snowboarding

Giles Goddard, currently a member of Chuhai Labs, is immersed in the development of Carve Snowboarding for Oculus Quest. This time in first person, it is a snowboarding arcade where we will face all kinds of levels in steep snow mountains. It is expected to arrive this summer on the Oculus virtual reality device.

In that same session, the veteran developer -who worked on works such as Star Fox and Super Mario 64-, when asked about the possibility of seeing some of his snowboarding games on consoles such as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, his answer is affirmative: “We have both development kits, so it is very likely.” There is a possibility, however, that Carve Snowboarding will eventually see the light of day on consoles in some way.


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