The CPF is approved for use as identification.


Last Tuesday, December 22, the Chamber of Deputies approved the Bill (PL), which provides for the use of the CPF (Cadastro de Individuales) as a unique document identifying citizens in public service databases. Brazil.

The project, created by deputy Felipe Rigoni, of the PSB of Espírito Santo together with 11 other parliamentarians, foresees that the document can serve as a unique form of identification and will also serve for professional councils and civil registries of people, besides being also useful to identify citizens on different public service platforms.

The PL also provides for the inclusion of the Individual Taxpayer Register in various documents, such as the RG, or even birth, marriage and death certificates, CNH, voter registration, among others. Another advantage is that the INSS will also be able to use the document for identification with the NIT (Worker’s Registration Number) in the Work Card.

The forecast is that the CPF – which also already has a digital version available for cell phones – will become valid as a unique identification document after one year of approval of the law, a sufficient time interval for different public agencies to adapt their systems for the changes in legislation and new service procedures that will arrive with the novelty.

In addition, by 2023 institutions must standardize their internal systems so that they can interact with each other and, thus, recognize the CPF as a unique document for identifying the population.

The Bill will now go to the Senate for approval and, if passed, will be referred for sanction by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro.


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