The court ruled: Fortnite is not returning to Apple!


The Fortnite Apple controversy seems to be coming to an end. The decision was made for the process taken to court: Fortnite is not returning to the App Store for now. Samsung had delighted the players with the Fortnite version and accompanying gifts, which can be installed on Samsung phones thanks to the Galaxy Store. After Epic Games brought Fortnite’s deletion to court, things were on a formal road. Here is the court’s decision, Fortnite is not returning to the App Store for now, but a decision has been issued for Unreal Engine.

Critical threshold for the Fortnite Apple controversy

Fortnite was removed from both the Play Store and the App Store for the same reason. Epic Games preferred to have a showdown with Apple for the situation in question. The process, which attracted attention with mutual quarrels and reprisals, was brought to court.

The court’s judge gave Epic Games an interim order preventing Apple from using developer tools. It seems that Epic Games was unable to reach a decision to restore the game to Apple through court proceedings.

The court also imposed a temporary restriction order banning Apple from removing Epic’s Apple developer accounts and updates to Unreal Engine in the App Store. Actually, this is a measure. You know, on August 28, Apple was going to remove all of Epic Games’ developer accounts.

This decision is essentially proof that Apple developers will not be disconnected from Unreal Engine right now. Although the scope of today’s decision is limited, it seems to have been taken only to protect the parties. This measure will determine whether Apple can take action against Fortnite, Unreal Engine or various other Epic-signed products during the trial.

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To remind you, Microsoft also participated in the Fortnite Apple discussion by Unreal Engine. Microsoft Game Developer Experiences General Manager Kevin Gammill, who released a statement explaining that a game engine like Unreal Engine should not be blocked, explained the company’s attitude on the issue. At this point, the court’s verdict does not seem to like Microsoft and similar-minded companies.


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