The couple that the next episode should investigate


It’s a great romance that does justice to its’ 80s cinematic inspiration, but unfortunately, Stranger Things undid this hard work with the chaotic and overloaded season 3.

It’s fair to assume that Mike and Eleven will get back together, but Stranger Things season 4 needs to keep the couple apart for at least a while so as not to waste the poignant ending to season 3.

But with Eleven and Mike separated, Stranger Things only has a handful of romantic subplots for the series to follow. Lucas and Max are a pair of supporting characters too small to carry this element of comedy and drama appeal.

Hopper and Joyce’s “romance”, meanwhile, was one of the most divisive elements of season 3, with the ostensible hero pushing Will’s perpetually exhausted mother to get over Bob’s horrific death.

Jonathan and Nancy are already the most consistent couple on Stranger Things, and at their age, they are also the only ones who could credibly move in together to solidify their relationship.

And maybe get some space from their dramatic families, as after three years of mind flaying, government conspiracies, Demogorgons, and sexism in the workplace, they’ve earned some peace and quiet on Stranger Things.

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