The costume of Black Adam in DC EU has a deeper meaning than you realize


The lightning emblem, born by Dwayne Johnson’s antihero in the upcoming “Black Adam”, tells the story of his origin. The almost immortal Black Adam will make his big screen debut in 2022 under the name “Black Adam”. The DC movie was Rock’s passion project back in 2008. Along with Black Adam himself, the Justice Society of America will also take part in the film. as a criminal organization known as Intergang.

In the role of Black Adam, Johnson wears the trademark black costume of a comic book character with a zipper emblem on his chest. Compared to the similar lightning symbol worn by the magical hero Shazam!, Black Adam’s lightning looks significantly less pristine, with much more signs of wear and possibly remnants of dirt and soot visible in the spots on it. The Black Adam costume overall looks almost the same as the Shazam costume, but this is clearly a deliberate design choice to help define the character of Black Adam.

Black Adam was originally a villain, and although he gradually turned into an antihero, his tough methods of dealing with villains leave him on the sidelines of the DC superhero community. Giving Adam’s costume a slightly rougher look goes well with a darker portrayal of the character and highlights the extent to which Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam positions himself more than willing to kill his enemies. Based on this, the design of Black Adam’s zipper and costume in “Black Adam” visually embodies his long-standing endeavors.

Black Adam’s lightning highlights his ancient origins

Born as Tet-Adam in the ancient land of Kandak, Adam was enslaved, but was eventually granted powers that turned him into Black Adam, including a power rivaling that of Superman, until his 5,000-year imprisonment. Giving Adam’s costume and the zipper on it a less clear look than the comic book counterpart, Black Adam pays great attention to the historical nature of Adam’s origin.

The costume design also hints that Adam is a veteran of the antiheroism he is engaged in. Although the film will definitely focus on Adam’s origins in the modern world after the awakening, the story of Black Adam will be far from the first. such an adventure he undertook. From different points of view, Johnson’s costume design in “Black Adam” tells the audience not only about what kind of antihero he is now, but also about how long he has been.

Dwayne Johnson actively promoted the upcoming release of “Black Adam” as the main DCEU movie, and the official trailer was finally released in the summer of 2022. Although viewers will hear Johnson’s voice for the first time in the role of Crypto Super Dog in the animated DC League of Super Pets, Black Adam is cut from a completely different fabric. When it comes to the design of the costume he will wear in Black Adam, it will be more literal than usual, with the design depicting Adam as an antihero originating from millennia ago.