The cost of Mozilla Firefox to Google has been announced


It has been announced that a new home page agreement has been signed between Mozilla Firefox and Google. Mozilla, which recently laid off 250 people, will work with the search engine giant for another 3 years.

How did Mozilla Firefox sign a deal with Google?

Details of the new arrangement will be announced next November. Google, who wants to work with Mozilla until 2023, wants to continue to serve with the default homepage title in Firefox browser.

Mozilla wanted to create its own revenue streams thanks to its subscription-based services, and worked with Yahoo between 2014 and 2017. The 22-year-old company is not strong in economic independence.

Because at least 75 percent of the total revenue generated by Mozilla belongs to the homepage agreement with Google. Although Mozilla tries to avoid this situation, it will continue on its way for a while depending on the income it earned from Google.

The new home page deal will allow Google to pay Mozilla between $ 400 million and $ 450 million annually. Thus, Firefox users will continue to use Google as the default search engine.

Mozilla earns more than 90 percent of its total revenue through search engines. In this context, we can understand that Google plays a very important role in this regard.

Mozilla, which earned $ 451 million in 2018, earned $ 430 million of this income through search engines. The personnel cost of this company, which was established in 1998, was around 286 million dollars 2 years ago.

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