The Cost of Kate Middleton’s Wardrobe Has Broken Its Own Record and Reached The 6-Digit Mark For 2022


There is no doubt that the British family is rich. Thanks to a million-dollar inheritance, duchies and sovereign real estate, the British crown maintains the reputation of the greatest English landed aristocracy in the world. All of this is reflected in their homes, transportation, weddings, airplanes, and finally in their style of dress, surpassing some of the richest people in the world. The embodiment of the same is the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton.

After the monarchy, the heir to the throne is considered the second richest member of the royal family. So Middleton’s six-figure wardrobe did not come as a surprise to anyone. According to the Daily Express, the Duchess of Cambridge owns a wardrobe worth 176 thousand euros, each of which costs at least 10 thousand pounds. Although Kate Middleton often talks about recycling her royal outfits at various public events, she still spent money several times crossing her own “budget” last year, if there is one at all.

Kate Middleton and her wardrobe in 2022

Known as Britain’s rising fashion icon, the queen in waiting for the British throne should have some amazing outfits outside the world. However, by adhering to royal protocols, the Duchess keeps it mostly slim but elegant, perfectly showcasing the wealth and prosperity of the new century monarchy. According to a recent Daily Mail study, Middleton broke her own wardrobe records of 119.00 euros in 2017 to 176,664 pounds of new ensembles.

However, as mentioned earlier, some of her low-key and casual outfits can still be bought by the commoners of the UK. Based on the Royal, the public will still have a sense of price limitations, but to some extent they are affordable. It is reported that Middleton’s last most expensive thing of the year was her Robinson Pelham Tsar Star Stud and Drop rivets. An addition to them was a pair of earrings made of white and gold diamonds with an estimated value of at least 10,500 euros.

Despite all this, Kate Middleton is still known for her delicacy when it comes to the legitimate use of the Royal Treasury. Many times and often, the Late Queen praised her for her excellent skills in recycling and preserving cash flow, even if she is not obligated to do any of this.

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