The Corpse, the new thriller to see this weekend


Netflix is ​​getting ready for the arrival of Halloween with The Corpse, a film that will envelop you with the mysteries that a family must face.

Halloween season is just around the corner and with this holiday approaching, series titles and movies with horror, suspense and mystery themes are gaining popularity, nothing better than a movie of this type to enjoy the weekends of October, that’s why we recommend you see El Corpse.

It is a Norwegian film capable of confusing you with a plot of sudden twists but a story that you will want to know until the end, we will tell you everything about this Netflix premiere.


This film takes us to a post apocalyptic scene caused by a nuclear accident. There are not many survivors, but those who managed to stay alive fight all the time for their survival.

It is then that we meet a family made up of a couple and their little daughter, they go to a hotel to enjoy a show that seems promising. Attendees must wear gold masks during the show to differentiate themselves from the actors who carry out the show and will begin to tour the hotel, where they will witness terrible scenes that will make them doubt what is being acted and what is actually happening.

The worst part of the macabre show will come when little by little the attendees begin to disappear, including the daughter of the protagonist family, what mystery does the Corpse movie hide?

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