The Coolest Redesigns of Disney Mirrorverse Characters


More than 40 Disney and Pixar characters have been transformed into combat-ready Guardians for the Disney Mirrorverse, and some of them look fantastic. Each character has attributes that correspond to his counterpart from the movie. For example, Elsa from the “Cold Heart” shoots ice shells. The appearance of each Guardian largely corresponds to their original version, and also reflects their personality or any knowledge about them or their world. Many characters look really good, but some are much cooler than others.

The appearance of some Guards has hardly changed compared to the original versions of the film. Keepers like Elsa, Judy Hopps and EVA are essentially the same, while other characters are only slightly different, such as Maui with shiny gold tattoos or Wrath with a sword. However, most Guardians, such as Aladdin, who can be unlocked in the Disney Mirrorverse, are completely different from their counterparts, and some undergo drastic changes.

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Along with the movie-inspired character designs, Guardians also have characteristics that reflect the class they belong to. Melee characters have visible, often large weapons, and tanks are always armed with shields. Ranged and support characters fire projectiles, so they usually don’t have weapons displayed in the Sentinel menu. Light, heavy and special attacks depend on the character and help complete the remaking of the Guardians in the Disney Mirrorverse.

Woody from the Disney Mirrorverse Looks like a Classic Sheriff

Woody from Toy Story swaps his funny cow print vest and bright flannel for an old-fashioned western-style sheriff’s uniform, which turns him from a cute toy into an aggressive Guardian. The darker colors show Woody’s serious tone as he fights the Splintered, a new set of enemies that appear from a broken magic mirror and mimic the appearance of the Guardians. Although this classic Disney Mirrorverse character wears completely different clothes and has fewer toy features, his hair and face still retain a plastic sheen. In addition, Woody’s trademark cowboy hat was only slightly changed during the character redesign.

Sally is a combat—ready tank in the Disney Mirrorverse

Sulley Guardian’s appearance uses both the original character design and the world of Monsters, Inc. to create a massive tank with a visually interesting design. The armor Sally is wearing is essentially modified scream canisters, or at least has the general appearance and metal material used for the devices in the movie. Incorporating part of the original character’s entourage into the Guardian’s appearance gives Sally one of the best redesigns in the Disney Mirrorverse. Mike Wazowski of Monsters, Inc. has a similar design, but the armor covers it too much.

“Snow White and the Evil Queen” Disney Mirrorverse has undergone fantastic changes

Both Snow White and the Evil Queen, which have yet to be confirmed for Disney Dreamlight Valley, look very different from their original designs, and the Guardian versions are arguably better. Snow White represents a real hero, armed with deadly weapons, but in bright colors that make her a little less threatening. The glowing green apple and the bottle of the Evil Queen reflect her poisonous abilities in the game. Snow White and the Evil Queen also have fierce battle outfits, not fancy medieval-style dresses. The characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have some of the best redesigns at the moment, so it will be interesting to see if other Guardians from the same movie, such as Prince Charming or any of the Dwarfs, will be added later.

Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie Have the Best Disney Mirrorverse Redesign

The best character redesigns can be obtained without spending money at the Disney Mirrorverse, and they belong to Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington donned an extravagant suit while retaining his signature Tim Burton style. The details of Oogie Boogie’s redesign are fantastic: from the dice at the end of his flail to a round shield resembling his wheel of fortune from the movie. Oogie Boogie also has a spider in the top of his shirt to repel the bugs he is made of, as well as a snake on his shield that looks like his tongue. Guardians from The Nightmare Before Christmas has the best redesign at the moment, and we hope that Disney Mirrorverse fans will get more characters like Sally from this movie in future updates.