The controversy that the ’90s show Randy Theory Will Ruin the Sequel


One of the controversial theories of fans of the “90s Show” claims that there will be a big turn in the Forman family associated with Randy Pearson from the “70s Show. The action of the “Show of the 90s” takes place 15 and a half years after the finale of the “Show of the 70s”, which appropriately ended on New Year’s Eve 1979. The Netflix sequel series tells about the original characters of Eric and Donna’s teenage daughter Leah Foreman, who stays with her grandparents Red. and Kitty for the summer in fictional Point Place, Wisconsin. Although the exact age of Leia Forman has not been confirmed, it is assumed that she is about 15 years old, which caused some negative reaction and controversial assumptions about the timing of her conception.

While Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty Foreman (Debra Jo Rupp) are the only main characters from the “70s Show,” it is confirmed that they will return in the main roles in the “90s Show, the spin-off should bring back several characters from the original show. The main or recurring characters from the “70s Show returning as guests are Eric Foreman (Topher Grace), Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis), Fes (Wilmer Valderrama) and Leo (Tommy Chong). So many actors who have already confirmed their roles in the “90s Show” have led to a lot of speculation about who else might appear in the sequel, for example, Bob Pinciotti (Don Stark), Casey Kelso (Luke Wilson), Brooke (Shannon Elizabeth). ), or the poorly received character Randy Pearson (Josh Meyers).

Randy joined the 8th season of the “70s Show” as the new main character, replacing Eric and Kelso, who left the series at that time. While season 8 of the ’70s Show is already considered the weakest part of the sitcom, Randy Pearson received excessive hatred from fans of the ’70s Show, which only intensified when he started dating Donna. Although Donna and Randy broke up shortly before she reconciled with Eric in the finale of the “70s Show,” fan theory fears that the time of their breakup coincided too closely with the conception of Eric and Donna’s daughter. Unsurprisingly, the fan theory is not popular among fans, as it suggests that Randy is actually the biological father of Leia Foreman, not Eric.

How old are Eric and Donna’s daughters in this ’90s show

Promotional materials of the Show of the 90s did not confirm the exact age of Leia, but the casting of the character and the schedule of the sequel give an estimate of how old she is. Actress Leia Forman Kelly Haverda is 15 years old, which suggests that her heroine will be about the same age, especially since most of the other teenage actors in the main cast of the “90s Show” are a little older. However, Leia Forman’s age cannot be older than 14 years and nine months, and 14 years and 11 months is the limit if she was born prematurely. Nevertheless, in order for Leia to be about 15 years old in the first season of the “90s Show,” which takes place in the summer of 1995, Donna had to get pregnant almost immediately after the finale of the “70s Show.”

How long before Eric’s return did Donna and Randy break up?

Donna broke up with Randy in season 8 of The ’70s Show, episode 20 of Leaving Home Is Not Easy, as she was ready to go to college and see the world (and realized she still loved Eric). Given that the timeline of the “70s Show” is confusing, and the passage of time is not always clear, it can be assumed that Donna broke up with Randy just a few days or a week before Eric returned home. Eric returned in the 22nd episode of the 8th season of The ’70s Show, so there was only one episode between Donna and Randy’s breakup and Eric’s return. Since the time of Donna and Randy’s breakup is very close to the moment when Donna and Eric will be together again, it is possible that Randy may be a father, but it would be a mistake to present this as a conflict of the 90s Show.

Explanation of the 90s Show Theory — Randy is Leia’s Father, not Eric

According to fan theory, the “90s Show” will show that Leia’s biological father is Randy, not Eric. If it is confirmed that Leia is already 15 years old by the time the “90s Show” begins, then Randy should actually be Leia’s father, but this will add a completely unnecessary twist to the finale of the “70s Show.” Even if Randy was Leia’s biological father, it wouldn’t change the fact that Eric was the one who raised her and acted as her father, and the main character of the “90s Show took the Foreman surname anyway. The fastest way for the “90s Show to refute the theory that Randy is Leia’s father is to explain that Leia turns 15 at the very end of summer.

If Leia had been born at the end of September 1980, there would have been no doubt that she was biologically the daughter of Eric Foreman from the “70s Show.”


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