The Conners are already giving Emma Kenney another shameless reunion with the A+ guest star


Bring the whole Gallagher clan!

The Conners may have discreetly said goodbye to O.G. star Michael Fishman with his fifth season, but the door was (as always) partially open for guest stars to join in on the sitcom’s family fun and foibles. This season, the biggest new addition was “Shameless” veteran Ethan Katkoski, who was invited to play the role of Neville and Louise’s nephew Caleb, which was the first former reunion for Emma Kenney. Now the ABC comedy reveals another big veteran of “Shameless” in the person of William H. Macy’s.

According to TVLine, the Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor will join the fifth season of The Conners series. But while we don’t know when all this will happen, we do know who Macy will be portraying. At some point, he will appear as a character named Smitty, who was one of Dan’s best friends in high school.

For one reason or another, Smitty makes a trip to Lanford, which brings him back to Dan, but the fact that there are no details about why he is there makes me think that this will entail unpleasant circumstances. I mean, Conners sometimes bring new faces to storylines that include positive story arcs, but more often than not they involve dark undertones, and sometimes direct death. And a name like Smitty doesn’t automatically mean chic and luck, although the character’s class level may depend on how much facial hair Macy has when filming starts.

William H. Macy is a recognized professional in performing funny comedic roles, emotional dramatic moments, exciting tension and much more. So we hope that The Conners showrunner Bruce Helford and the company will find ways to use these talents to the fullest. Macy and Goodman could easily host their own standalone series together, so I wouldn’t be angry if the entire episode focused on Dan and Smitty reuniting.

Speaking of such reunions, before her big reunion with Ethan Katkoski, Emma Kenny worked in a small part with her partner in the movie “Shameless” Noel Fisher back in the second season. He was repeated in three episodes as Dan’s half-brother Ed, and it sounds like the writers wanted to give John Goodman another look at his past through Macy’s Smitty. And let’s not forget that current star Kathy Sagal is also a graduate of the Showtime drama, she appeared throughout season 9 as Dr. Ingrid Jones, the recipient of what she thought was Frank’s sperm. As you might guess, I would have no complaints if Louise played the main role in the Dan and Smitty arc.

The Conners airs Wednesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. Head over to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to find out what other new and returning shows are coming soon.


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