The connection between Jamie, Calvin and Jack’s death


Mel Monroe was featured on the second season of Virgin River and at first fans thought she had a good heart but others have found her involvement unusual and believe she wanted the Preacher out of the picture to attack Jack.

Jamie was also quick to meddle in the investigation into Jack (Martin Henderson) at Virgin River. Jamie told the Preacher that he should be on the lookout for competition, as other nearby restaurants may have been willing to steal from their customers.

The preacher emphasized saying that there was no competition for miles around. Some Virgin River fans believe that Jamie had been looking for information on Jack, and had checked out the Preacher to find something.

Jamie was very vague about what she did and where she came from, so she seems to be hiding a lot of information. Fans are hoping to see more of her in Virgin River’s third season, so they can find out what her plan is.

Preacher decided to take the job at the end of the second installment, but his ties to Paige (Lexa Doig) and his son Christopher (Chase Petriw) seemed to hold him back. It is not known if he will remain at Virgin River, but it is likely that Jack was shot by an anonymous killer.

If he decides to stay, Jamie’s plan on Virgin River may have been in vain, and viewers have yet to find out if she will return for a second try as well as Calvin is likely to play a bigger role in season three.


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