The Concert Film by Brian Eno and Roger Eno “Live At The Acropolis” Will Be Released in British Cinemas


The premiere of a rare live concert featuring brothers Brian Eno and Roger Eno will take place in UK cinemas on March 2, 2023.

“Live At The Acropolis” was filmed in the Athens amphitheater “Odeon of Herod Attica” in August 2021 as part of the annual festival in Epidaurus.

Against the background of the concert, images of Brian Eno were projected on the walls of the amphitheater when Brian and Roger performed music from their 2020 album Mixing Colors. They were joined by Roger’s daughter and Brian’s niece Cecily Eno (vocals, ukulele and mandolin), Leo Abrahams (guitar) and Peter Chilvers (keyboards).

In addition to performing fan favorites, the concert also featured new music from their 2022 albums — “FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE” by Brian Eno and “The Turning Year” by Roger Eno.

The premiere of the concert will take place on March 2, information about screenings and tickets can be found here.

“I don’t perform live very often, but I couldn’t miss the chance to perform in perhaps the oldest theater in the world, located in the homeland of Western civilization,” said Brian Eno. “I am grateful to Roger, Cecily, Leo and Peter, who made this rare appearance unforgettable for me, as well as to the great director Tilo Krause, who managed to perfectly document the whole event.”

Roger added: “The performers had a completely different idea of the audience — they saw Brian’s stunning visuals on the ancient walls of the Odeon of Herod Atticus, while we saw the illuminated Parthenon above our heads, as if floating in the dark. nights.

“It was an exceptional honor for me to perform in such a place. This film, I think, accurately and sensually captured the moment. But this is more than just a moment or a document — it is in itself a beautiful work that can now be shared around the world.”

From other news: Last year, director Gary Hustwith announced a new documentary about Eno’s life and career.

The director’s official website posted a page of a documentary called Eno, which is described as “a revealing multi-platform documentary about the visionary musician and artist Brian Eno.” The release date has not yet been announced, but the website states that the film “will be released in 2023.”


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