The Complete Guide to The Quarry: Collectibles, Endings and more


According to the tradition of Supermassive Games, The Quarry is an interactive cinematic horror story in which nine counselors try to survive the night in the career of the same name. Their survival is determined by the player’s decisions and responses during Quick-Time Events (QTEs), which makes The Quarry a tense and exciting adventure with hundreds of endings to discover.

Like its predecessor, “Live till Dawn,” “Quarry” is based on classic horror films, but with an added feature that allows players to decide who lives and who dies. Exploring the game world of Supermassive Games also unlocks many hidden Easter eggs, collectibles and bonuses. Since many players and finishers are still browsing The Quarry in search of content and secrets, this central page is sure to be constantly updated as new articles and guides are published.

Career paths of history

Since The Quarry boasts almost 200 endings to explore, it’s possible that players will need guides and roadmaps for certain paths. This section will give recommendations on how to make sure everyone is alive or dead by the end, as well as any other combinations of character survival.

Collectibles career

Hackett’s Quarry has a variety of locations that can be explored on its divergent paths, which means that tracking all items can be difficult over several playthroughs. Using the following guides will help players find all the hidden collectibles and secrets to complete and/or participate in the plot.

All collectibles of Chapter 3 All collectibles of Chapter 4 All collectibles of Chapter 7

New collectible guides are coming soon…

General tips, tricks and recommendations for The Quarry

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Career Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Developer — Supermassive Games Platforms — PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. Price — Standard edition: 59.99 USD, Extended Edition: 69.99 USD. – Local cooperative mode with up to 8 players. Online gameplay will be added on July 8th. Genre – cinematic horror.

Can I manually save my game?

The quarry is often automatically saved after making decisions, but there is no manual saving. You can create a backup copy of the save manually, but revisiting previous chapters is not possible until the chapter selection is unlocked.

Career news and opinions

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The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.