The Complete Guide to Animal Crossing Wedding: New Horizons 2022: Heart Crystals and more


Love is in the air in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The 2022 wedding season has begun, so players can travel to Harva Island throughout the month to earn special wedding rewards. Here’s a complete guide to the Animal Crossing wedding event, including everything you need to know about heart crystals.

What is the wedding season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The wedding season takes place throughout June at the Harv photo studio. When you log into the game for the first time this month, Harvey will call you. He will ask you to meet him at his studio, so go to Dodo Airlines to board a flight to Harva Island.

Reese and Cyrus, owners of the Re-Tail furniture business, will be celebrating their wedding anniversary there. Your goal is to create wedding scenes and photograph the couple. You have the freedom to decorate the interior as you see fit, but in the first few days Reese will have several requirements. There are also two types of scenes to create: a wedding ceremony and a reception.

You can return to Harva Island every day throughout the month to create different scenes and earn a currency called heart crystals.

What are heart crystals for in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Plus, how to get them

Happy June to all! The wedding season is in full swing, and I know that Harvey may need a little help with photo shoots. Do you think you can handle the task? Talk to him in the studio and tell him that Isabelle sent you. He will be busy all month, so I hope you will have a chance to help.

What is going on with the heart crystals anyway? Every time you complete a photo shoot, talk to Cyrus before you leave to collect the heart crystals. They should appear in your mailbox later. Once you earn enough, you can exchange the crystals for wedding-style furniture and clothes, again by talking to Cyrus.

As Animal Crossing World notes, the amount of daily heart crystals you receive will depend on how you decorate the wedding scene. During the first six days of the event, you will have a limited choice of furniture. Then, on the 7th day, you unlock the settings for each item. Reese and Cyrus will give hints on the topic they are looking for every day, so don’t forget to pay attention to them. For example, Reese may ask to arrange a posh wedding, so you should customize the furniture according to the posh theme.

In the first week, you can earn from four to 14 heart crystals. Then, until the end of the month, you have the opportunity to earn up to 18 or more heart crystals every day. The easiest way to maximize the heart crystals is to repeatedly place the same wedding item, such as a wedding bench.