The comic behind the scenes of Michele Morrone 365 DNI!


Michele Morrone caused a sensation on Instagram by unveiling a behind the scenes video of 365 DNI where we can see the handsome actor!

Several months after the release of the Polish film 365 DNI, lead actor Michele Morrone has released a behind-the-scenes video …

This Wednesday, January 20, 2021, Michele Morrone caused a sensation on Instagram! Indeed, the handsome Italian actor posted a video of a few seconds in which we can see the man trying to keep his seriousness as he prepares to shoot for 365 DNI!

A post that the young man captioned as follows: “When Massimo was trying to get serious just before a scene!” A hilarious video where the actor can be seen making funny faces!

A post that Michele Morrone’s many subscribers loved! Indeed, in just a few hours, the publication in question has already accumulated more than a million views, a real record for the handsome brunette!


Like each of the handsome Michele Morrone’s posts, Internet users reacted en masse to his last publication! Indeed, the post of the young man already has thousands of comments, each more adorable than the next!

“I knew he was a crazy little fool! I love that ! “” Too funny Michele, I loved this movie, although it is true that some scenes shocked me! ”

Or again: “But what a man this Michele Morrone, even when he makes a face, he remains so sexy! “” The beauty of this man is just amazing, he has to shoot in other movies fast! You can read on the social network of the Italian actor!

Comments all nicer than the others! An enthusiasm that will certainly please the actor of 365 DNI!