The combined form of Batman and Superman is too strong for the Justice League


Warning! Spoilers for the movie “Batman-Superman: The Best in the World No. 4” from DC Comics

The newly united Batman and Superman faced off against some of the most powerful heroes of the Justice League and easily won the fight. In DC Comics’ Batman/Superman: The Best in the World #4, the combined hero fights characters such as the Martian Hunter, Wonder Woman and The Flash. However, with his incredible abilities (including Green Lantern energy constructs), Batman-Superman makes their defeats easy.

Batman and Superman are fighting a new ancient villain named Devil Nezha in the current series “The Best in the World” from DC Comics. With heroes like Green Lantern, whose minds are controlled by the magical powers of a demon, Batman and Superman are forced to fight some of their usual Justice League teammates. But in the fight against their brainwashed allies, the two legendary heroes surprisingly become one thanks to the fusion of lanterns, which turned the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel into one hero with incredible abilities capable of defeating the Justice League.

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In “Batman/Superman World’s Finest #4” by Mark Wade, Dan Mohr, Tamra Bonvillain and Aditya Bidikar from DC Comics, Kal-El and Bruce Wayne become one after stealing the Green Lantern Power Ring and using it (and magic in battle). merging lanterns into a combined hero. The hybrid hero of Batman and Superman is thrown into battle with the mind-controlled heroes of the Justice League, who attack on behalf of the Devil Nezhi. However, the new combo character turns out to be too complicated even for the brainwashed Justice League.

Using the powers of Superman and Green Lantern, as well as Batman’s fighting skills, the combination hero quickly copes with the mind-controlled Justice League. He knocks down the Martian Manhunter with an explosion of energy from his eyes, catches the Flash in place, hides the sound cry of the Black Canary with Green Lantern designs and slows down the Firestorm and Red Tornado with the help of new creative batarangs. In the end, the hero of the Batman and Superman combination defeats the Justice League and the Devil Nezhu in battle before turning back into two separate beings, making up a new combined character.

Although this is temporary, the combined form of Batman and Superman proves to be an ideal defense against the heroes of the Justice League, who were influenced by the Devil Nezha. Thanks to the incredible powers and skills of the three heroes, the combination of Batman and Superman easily defeated their mind-controlled allies in battle, demonstrating how strong they are. Becoming one somehow turned Superman and Batman into even more powerful heroes, as the Justice League had little chance against them. The true powers of the combined hero can be seen as Batman/Superman World’s Finest #4 from DC Comics is now in comic book stores.