The coin with the same name as the new COVID-19 variant broke the record!


Omicron token, which shares the same name with the new COVID-19 variant, broke a record as a result of transactions made in two days.

COVID-19 continues to affect our lives by increasing its effect day by day. Many people have been confined to their homes due to the epidemic. In this time frame, many people became curious about cryptocurrencies. As a result of this curiosity, many new cryptocurrencies have emerged.

Apart from new cryptocurrencies, new COVID-19 variants have also entered our lives. The name of these variants has also often been the subject of criticism. The name of the latest variant is different from the others. Its name comes from a newly launched token, Omicron.

Omicron token price skyrocketed!

After the new COVID-19 variant, which emerged in South Africa on Tuesday, was named Omicron, the token named Omicron hit an all-time record level today. The token, which traded around $65 on Saturday, traded today at an all-time high of $689. During the day, it earned 200% to its investors.

According to some crypto analysts, they say that the big increase is a sign of a bubble. After this rapid increase, it is thought that there will be a sharp decrease. The most important reason for the increase in the price of Omicron token is the similarity in name. Due to the similarity of the name, it is thought that investors made a large amount of purchases.

After the announcement of the new Omicron variant, there was a decline in the markets. Decreases were observed due to the sale of shares in stock markets such as the world-famous S&P 500 and Nasdaq. With this week, the rise in cryptocurrencies started again. According to CoinGecko’s statement, the market cap has increased by 5.6% in the last 24 hours, reaching $2.71 trillion.

These instant movements in crypto currency exchanges can sometimes harm users. In such fast transactions, users may incur losses in a sudden decrease after purchasing at a high price. So, what are your thoughts? Should you invest in cryptocurrencies? Don’t forget to leave your comments and opinions below!