The coffee makers put the batteries


Since the pandemic began, members of Las Cafeteras have not seen each other in person, but that does not mean they are sitting on their laurels. They have been quite busy making videos and content for their social networks, recording songs and participating in workshops.

“We are quite busy, maybe in the same way as on stage, but we are very active and we look for other ways to connect with people,” said José Cano, who plays the cajon, flute and harmonica in the band.

This Saturday, however, this combo will take to a stage for the first time since the pandemic began to participate in the Solidarity for Sanctuary concert, a festival that will be broadcast virtually from Ford’s Theater.

In addition to Las Cafeteras Omar Apollo, members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Lido Pimienta, San Cha, the poet Yosimar Reyes and others will participate. They will celebrate singer Selena – offer their own interpretations of the Texas artist’s hits – and talk about the importance of voting, immigrant rights and solidarity between blacks and Latinos.

“For this concert we have taken all the necessary measures to be on stage to give a great presentation, because we have been working at home,” said Denise Carlos, lead singer of the group.

The Chicano gang decided to participate in this event because they believe that the message it sends is very important for the Hispanic community, to go out and vote.

“So we got the batteries to go to work on stage,” said Carlos.

The event, although it will be in a theater, will not have an audience present, although to see this show it is only necessary to enter the Facebook wall and the Ford YouTube channel. The “entry” will be free.

The band will present tracks from their two studio albums, as well as songs they haven’t recorded but have performed with other bands or DJs. These days, for example, two videos are going to be released, and by the end of the year “more things are coming,” Cano said.


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