The Coalition, From Gears of War, Will Present New Demo at GDC


The Coalition is one of the top names in the Xbox Game Studios family, as it spearheads the releases of the popular Gears of War franchise. Although we still don’t have news about its next game, today (2) the developer revealed that it will be at GDC to show a Technical demo running on Unreal Engine 5!

Anyone watching his presentation at the Game Developers Conference will witness the mysterious Alpha Point in action. As much as this is just a demo, it’s natural to imagine that the studio will use its learning from the graphics engine to apply it to a full-fledged game in the future.

The studio’s stated purpose is precisely to “evaluate the engine in action” and find out how well it rides on the Xbox Series X hardware, especially when it comes to real-time lighting effects via the Lumen system.

According to the event description, “notes on performance and memory usage will be evaluated on both Xbox Series X and S, as well as diving into VFX, resolution and textures.” The panel is scheduled to last one hour and will take place on the 20th of July.

To watch, you need to purchase an All Access Pass, Core Pass, Summits Pass, Expo Pass, Audio Pass, or Independent Games Summit Pass, but we’ll let you know here on the site if there’s anything cool there! Are you looking forward to the studio’s upcoming games? What is your favorite game from The Coalition? Comment below!


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