The co-director of For spoken told how much time it takes to complete the game


The co-director of Forspoken, Takeshi Tareda, said that it takes about 30-40 hours on average to complete the game. Forspoken is an upcoming adventure game from Square Enix and Luminous Productions, the studio behind Final Fantasy 15. It tells the story of a New Yorker, known as Frey, who lives an ordinary life until one day she finds herself in the magical world of Atia, where corruption has taken over. While Forspoken has faced numerous delays, in recent months it has also been showing off more and more of its gameplay, plot, and open world, indicating that Square Enix is preparing the title for its latest release date in January.

However, many were not sure how long it would take to complete Frey’s adventures in Atia. Since Forspoken positions itself as an open-world AAA action adventure, like many other popular games such as Horizon Zero Dawn or Elden Ring, many wondered how many hours the player would spend in Athia. Recently, some games have stated that it will take hundreds of hours to complete them, for example, Dying Light 2, but for all but the most extreme finishers, this does not seem a realistic figure.

Now Takeshi Tareda, co-director of Forspoken, has spoken to 3DJuegos and revealed how long it will take to beat Forspoken, hoping to give fans firm expectations. Tareda stated that the passage of Forspoken for an average player should take about 30-40 hours. However, this specifically refers to the main story of Forspoken, and not to its side effects and research. Terada also mentions that there will be many secondary missions not directly related to Atia’s fate to keep the players occupied.

Those who just want to go through Frey’s story in Forspoken will still get a good profit from the game’s $70 price, and for finalizers who want to see everything Athia has to offer, there seems to be a lot to do besides just stopping the decomposition of the fantasy country. The open world of Forspoken was created as a beautiful and tragic place where corruption has changed everything except one city, which acts as the main center of the world.

This may offer an interesting dynamic in Forspoken, as it seems that most of Frey’s main quest will be devoted to fixing Atia’s corruption. In any case, after spending 30-40 hours on this quest alone, Forspoken equalizes the length of its main story with other outstanding upcoming games, such as the sci-fi RPG from Bethesda. Todd Howard reported that Starfield will need 30-40 hours to recoup in June.

Forspoken is released on January 24, 2023 on PC and PS5.


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