The co-author of the script “Thor: Love and Thunder” talks about the many different versions of the ending of the Marvel movie and her reaction to the scene after the credits


This story will end up in the spoiler for Taiki Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder, so please stop reading if you haven’t seen the Marvel Studios sequel yet and still want to be surprised.

The title of the sequel “Thor: Love and Thunder” became more logical when we reached the finale, because the God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) “adopted” the resurrected daughter of the Butcher God Gorr (Christian Bale), who bears the name of love. The finale tells about Thor’s new adventures with a possible new girlfriend (played on screen by Hemsworth’s own daughter, India Rose, which is very cute). But as we now find out, the actual steps they took to bring Love to the screen changed during the course of writing the script before we got what ended up in the movie.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” co-writer Jennifer Kaitin Robinson conducted an autopsy of the film with THR, and when they got to the events of the finale, she talked about some of their conversations, saying:

Gorr was always going to bring his daughter back to life. There were many different versions of this final scene. There were many different versions: “Does Gorr always make a choice? Does his heart betray him, as it were? Does he say at the very last minute, “No, I want the gods to die,” but since Eternity fulfills your innermost wish, his daughter returns?” There were many different versions of how she was born, but her emergence and the being that was brought forward from Eternity was always the ultimate goal.

It’s interesting to see how Marvel can redesign their way to the finale, knowing where they want their main characters to be in anticipation of their next appearance, without being 100% sure how to get them there. And speaking of “insecurities,” Jennifer Caitlin Robinson also confirmed that she didn’t know Zeus was going to hire Hercules in the end credits sequence, or that God would be played by the outstanding Ted Lasso Brett Goldstein!

No, it was a top-secret situation that I didn’t know about and was surprised to see at the premiere. It’s fun to come to this movie, where I knew all the twists and turns, but still could come out of it with such a “damn it!”

But what will come of uncovering Hercules? The scenes between the credits of the Phase 4 films featured several Marvel characters, including Eros (Harry Styles), Troll Pip (Patton Oswalt), Clea (Charlize Theron) and Blade (Mahershala Ali). They will have to appear in future MCU films, and some of them — for example, Clea and Hercules — seem destined to appear in the films “Doctor Strange” and “Thor”…but how soon will these sequels really appear? We can talk about years.

Marvel recently unveiled its Phase 5 plan and started teasing Phase 6. Keep checking out our list of upcoming Marvel movies to see when changes will be made.


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