The clip of Gorillaz’s song is on GTA 5’s Los Santos


The last clip of the band Gorillaz is quite remarkable for GTA 5 fans. Because the band created the clip of their song “The Valley of the Pagans” using the city of Los Santos, where GTA 5 takes place. The song seems to impress fans of both GTA and Gorillaz.

The world famous music group Gorillaz recently released its new song. The reason why this song named “The Valley of the Pagans” is the subject of our news is its clip. Because the musicians prepared the clips of their new songs using GTA 5, one of the most popular games in the world. Moreover, the compatibility of the lyrics and the clip is also remarkable.

Gorillaz takes us on a short trip to Los Santos with its new video. In the clip, where iconic locations on the GTA 5 map are also shown, we also see the journeys made by a car. Of course, the cops, which are indispensable elements of GTA 5, are not ignored in the clips. Both GTA and Gorillaz fans seem to love The Valley of the Pagans.

Here is the car we traveled in Los Santos

One of the striking points in the clip is the smartphone we use in the game. Accompanying the song in a certain part of the clip, “Beck Hansen” is included in the clip with a video call made with the smartphone called iFruit. Also, iconic animated characters representing Gorillaz members are with us throughout the video of The Valley of the Pagans.

Gorillaz is not the first time in his musical life using a game to shoot a clip. The group started a project called “Song Machine” about a year ago. This project, which includes various collaborations, previously enabled Pac-Man, one of the world’s most iconic games, to be made into a clip. In this context, the final content of the project included GTA 5. It is not known what a clip Gorillaz’s next song will contain, but band members probably won’t ignore games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Death Stranding.

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Here is that clip created with sections from GTA 5


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