The clip in which Camille Vasquez calls Johnny Depp a rapist and goes viral, but the insider says it, and not what it seems


After the defamation trial ended with Amber Heard owed millions, and Johnny Depp’s legal team had already started its own appeal process, a clip in which Camilla Vasquez accidentally called Johnny Depp an abuser during the closing arguments of the court in 2022 went viral. Now, after the clip from the trial went viral, an insider commented on what was actually happening at the moment.

In the clip, Camilla Vasquez’s comment seems to be an accident or a slip of the tongue, since the essence of the rest of the speech about her client portrays Depp as a person who has been abused. However, the clip that went viral is a snippet, and at the main point she says Amber “never thought she would have to face” before seemingly tripping over her words and ending up with “her abuser.” The clip went viral on Twitter in support of Amber Heard.

Johnny’s boss girl’s lawyer makes a reservation on Freud and calls him a rapist.

In a longer version of the final video, Ms. Vasquez points out that “there is an abuser in this courtroom, but not Mr. Depp,” and notes that witnesses said on the podium that her client was dealing with “constant verbal, physical and emotional abuse from Ms. Depp.” , Heard during their relationship.” She also mentioned the impact of Amber Heard’s article and used additional language that argued in favor of her client. This is not part of the clip, which was distributed on social networks.

In an interview with Newsweek, a source who is reportedly close to Camilla Vasquez confirmed that she was supposed to say “victim of abuse” in this part of her speech. This is not the only time a lawyer stumbles in this part of his statement in the courtroom. Shortly after, the video shows Vasquez stumbling again and sharing an unintentional double negative as she says, “she never thought she would never be,” before trying to interrupt the second “never” and ending with, “have her supposed mountain of evidence.” checked.” After watching the full video, you can see the part of the speech that the lawyer seemed to struggle with a bit.

The clip went viral after an additional 6,000 pages of unpublished materials related to the trial were made public. Among these materials are accusations that Johnny Depp had in connection with erectile dysfunction during his relationship with Ms. Heard, as well as other accusations, including Depp’s accusation that Amber Heard’s team edited his bruises after an alleged quarrel with his ex, among other evidence that he did not appear in the hall courts.

Despite the viral outbreak, Camilla Vasquez was largely praised for her work in court and was reportedly promoted after the lion’s share of the verdict was in favor of Johnny Depp. (Amber Heard, for her part, won $2 million in damages related to a comment made earlier by Depp’s representative). the lawyer was “expected”. Vasquez was also part of the team representing Depp in the second lawsuit, which was settled out of court.


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