The clever approach of the creators of “Very Strange Things” to the fifth season differs from previous seasons


As the ensemble of characters behind “Very Strange Things” has grown over the first four seasons, their respective worlds have grown larger (and I’m not just talking about their growing understanding of the Underside). Our young heroes from Hawkins, Indiana, made new friends and got closer to their peers outside of the foursome of Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin from the first season. Matt and Ross Duffer have expertly created new characters, adding fan favorites like Max Sadie Sink and Joseph Quinn’s Eddie, to name just a few. However, when work begins on season 5, the creators are trying to change their approach somewhat, and very wisely.

The Duffer brothers have found many ways to interest Netflix subscribers since the premiere of “Very Strange Things” in 2016: new relationships, new monsters, new music (a joke — although Kate Bush can testify to a new appreciation of some classic tunes of the 80s). Despite the success they’ve had introducing new fan-favorite characters each season, Matt Duffer told IndieWire that the fifth and final season most likely won’t go down that path. He said:

I just like shaking it up, so we shake it up by changing the plot or adding a new monster. We’re doing everything we can to resist [adding new characters] in season 5. We’re trying not to do that so we can focus on the OG characters, I think.

It really makes sense not to introduce too many new faces at the moment when you are trying to complete the story. Not to mention that they’ve already created quite a large cast of characters at the moment, and the Duffer brothers know that the more stories they have to tell, the less time they can spend with each one. Ross Duffer said the same thing as he explained the thought process and risk assessment that was used when creating new characters. According to him:

Whenever we introduce a new character, we want to make sure that he becomes an integral part of the narrative. So it’s something with Eddie this season where we say, “Well, we need a character to make this storyline really work, and to give it the engine it needs.” because you say, “We have a great cast of characters and actors here, and every moment we spend time with a new character, we take time away from one of the other actors.” very, very careful with who we represent.

Their work is further complicated by the relatively small number of corpses accumulated over the first four seasons of the series. Of course, there were many deaths in “Very Strange Cases” — one loss, in particular, will affect Dustin Gaiten Matarazzo in season 5 — but the creators spoke about their premeditation in deciding the fate of their characters after Millie Bobby Brown criticized them for being too afraid to kill people. .

Hopefully fans will appreciate the Duffer brothers’ new focus on the original characters, and I fully expect more passionate campaigns to be launched on social media to save their favorite characters, just as viewers went crazy before the final episodes of Season 4 worrying about our beloved Steve. Harrington (Joe Keary).

We’ll still have to wait quite a while before we know more about season 5 of “Very Strange Cases,” but you can always re-watch seasons 1-4 on Netflix or watch other shows if you like “Very Strange Cases.”


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