The classic Worms Armageddon is updated 21 years later


21 years after its release, Worms Armageddon receives a new update that corrects many aspects and adds more than 50 new features.

Team 17 does not stop supporting its header brands, as is the case with the most famous worms in the video game. 21 years after the release of Worms: Armageddon, the classic is updated with a huge patch, both for features and for fixes.

It should be noted that the patch is available in its version for Steam, where the publisher publishes its entire catalog. The update includes several improvements that optimize compatibility with all current systems. As they reveal, the Windows 10 experience has improved dramatically and now it will be playable in other operating systems, such as Wine and Pronton’s Linux layers.

Seven new languages ​​have also been localized, including Spanish. Another interesting feature for veteran players is the ability to save the state of the map in a game at any time. Pressing Alt + Pause saves a png of the current scenario conditions in your game. Do you want to play with a half-destroyed map? Now you can.

Apart from being able to play it in windowed mode, the fluidity of the worms in movement has been improved. Initially it was limited to the refresh rate of its original engine: 50 frames per second. However, with version 3.8 you can make the image speed go to the same framerate that your computer can reach. Last but not least, game options have been extended to customize games. More than 70 new systems come together to enjoy an unknown way of playing Armageddon.

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In numbers, the update includes 370 fixes, 45 changes, and 61 new features. If you have the game in your Steam library, you will be able to enjoy this very complete version 3.8 from now on. The classics never die.


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