The city of war from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


We explain how to complete Walls and Shadows, the Arrow, the Leech and the Compass in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at 100% to get Platinum

Our Viking saga takes us to Lunden, a city in decline and plagued by members of the Order. In it we can find various armor, weapons and very interesting characters. As part of this complete guide, we bring you the saga of The City of War, a short but very interesting arc.

Walls and shadows

Up on our mount, we start the road to Lunden, where we will begin the saga with our fists. Afterwards, we will follow our new friend Stowe. We will have to investigate the palace hall: the throne, the table behind, the north corner (breaking the boxes), the main entrance and, climbing to the ceiling beams, the man hanging from the ceiling.

Less than 200 meters east of the castle we will find the temple of Mitra that we must investigate next. Its entrance is right on some stairs that descend in the center of the place and we can reach them both by fighting and in stealth.

Once inside, we will have to investigate the place for clues about the Order. On a wooden table we will find surgeon’s tools. Just to your right there is a shelf that we will have to drag to be able to go through a hole in the wall. We go down in a straight line, we turn right and right again. In this room we will find the British Shield.

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In this same room we will see, somewhat elevated, some wooden planks that we can clear by throwing a torch. Passing through the new path we will find another table with clues. If we break the lock that is just to our right we can go through the door, arriving again at the first room, where we will find the last clue of the place, on the left wall.

It’s time to undo our steps and return to the Governor’s house with Stowe and Erke to conclude the mission and the chapter.


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