The Circle: Season 2 trailer shows new players

After the first seasons of The Circle USA, France and Brazil, Netflix released the trailer for the 2nd season of the American version of the game. With its premiere scheduled for April 14, the reality show will have new episodes every Wednesday, with the final being made available on May 5.

Check out the full trailer below:

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In the game show, eight participants are placed in different apartments in the same building and can interact with each other using a voice-activated tool. The Circle works as a social network, and the participants can choose to be themselves or create fake characters.

The game works based on popularity and, at the end of each episode, a participant is eliminated. In the end, the winner takes the $ 100k prize.

The participant who drew the most attention in the trailer for the 2nd season of The Circle was Chloe Veitch, known for having participated in another reality show also on Netflix: Playing With Fire.

In addition, the preview of the new season of the game show also reveals that the rules will be slightly different from the past seasons. In the teaser, participants are informed about a wildcard. However, so far, this new wildcard rule has not yet been explained by Netflix.

The Brazilian version of The Circle was won by participant Marina Gregory, confirmed in the new edition of another reality show in 2021, De Férias Com Ex Celebs. The American version was won by Joey Sasso, and the French version by Romain Ben.

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