The Circle: meet all the participants of the 2nd season


The Circle: Netflix premiered on Wednesday (14) the 2nd season of The Circle (North American edition). The series in a reality show format will have 9 new participants in the dispute for the prize of US $ 100 thousand (about R $ 567 thousand in the current quote).

With new episodes every Wednesday, the grand finale will be available on streaming on May 5th. The rules are practically the same as in the previous season, and the members are isolated and communicate only between themselves through a program of the same name in the series.

Each participant needs to create a profile on this kind of social network – with real information or not. After the profiles are created, the game begins, in which everyone needs to worry about maintaining their popularity in order not to be blocked and lose the chance of being a champion.

See the profile of each player below:

Bryant: 27-year-old instructor from Chico, California.
Savannah: 24-year-old data researcher from Los Angeles, California.
Terilisha: 34-year-old math teacher from Dallas, Texas.
Chloe: former participant of the reality show Brincando com Fogo, also on Netflix, and is from Essex, United Kingdom.
Lee: 58-year-old professional writer from Dallas, Texas.
Courtney: 28-year-old pop culture expert from Los Angeles, California.
Deleesa: 32-year-old housewife from the Bronx, New York.
Jack: 20-year-old astrophysics and economics student from New Haven, Connecticut.
Lisa: personal assistant to singer Lance Bass (N’Sync), is 42 years old and from Los Angeles, California.

Have you started watching the reality show? Who is your favorite participant? Tell us in the comments!


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