The chronology of the relationship of the “bachelor” Becky Tilly and singer Hayley Kiyoko


The final rose is worthy! Becca Tilly and Hayley Kiyoko hid their relationship for years before confirming their love story.

Bachelor Nation met Tilly on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor in 2015. The runner-up returned to the ABC series to pursue Ben Higgins in the show’s 20th season, but he was sent packing before dates in his hometown. After filming the series, Tilly dated Bachelorette graduate Robert Graham for several months from late 2016 to May 2017.

“My last relationship, he was everything I wrote down on paper. But something was missing that I couldn’t write on paper.

Later that year, Tilly confirmed that she was not on the market again, without naming names.

“I just think my relationship I’m in is fair, I like that it’s personal and my own,” she explained to Us in 2019 about keeping her romance offline. “I’ve had public relationships before, and it felt like a lot of people were involved in me, and I know that’s why they were watching me in the first place.”

Although Tilly talked about her personal life in her podcast “Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad” and revealed in February 2022 that she had been with her partner for almost “four years”, she did not confirm that Kiyoko was her friend until the musician shot the video for “For The Girls” in May 2022.

“We won’t go too deep, but given that so many anti—LGBTQ+ bills are being passed right now, it’s very difficult to hope for our community,” Kiyoko told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “And so I wanted to create this for my fans to be able to watch this video, to see people who are like them thrive by being themselves. And knowing that legislation trying to take that away from us is not going to take away from us our existence, our value, our truth and the ability to find love. …I’m a big fan of The Bachelor, so I’m really trying to celebrate the show, and I think they’ll like the surprise at the end too.”

In the video, Kiyoko broadcasts her inner bachelor, and Tilly arrives as the last groom. At the graduation party, two women confirmed their romance and sealed the relationship with a kiss.

“Becca mentioned that they’ve been together for four years and she was just ready to share it,” an insider told us about the PDA moment, noting that they were “very happy” at the party. “It was Hayley’s night, but it also became Becky’s night because she came out publicly with a kiss.”

Scroll through the timeline of Tilly and Kiyoko’s relationship:


The couple was first photographed together in 2018.

“I think it was just an instant connection,” Tilly told Entertainment Tonight in December 2019 about Kiyoko, “I’ve never had something so instant, like, since the beginning.”

Without naming names, she added: “If there comes a moment when I feel: “Well, I’m ready to let everyone into my relationship, and everyone can express their opinion on this,” [then I’ll share].”


We confirmed that Tilly is dating someone.


The former reality TV star told us in November 2019 that her partner was dating her siblings.

“My family lives far away, so I think my sisters were introduced, but not the rest of my family,” she said. “I’m really happy. I’m in a really good place.”


During the recording of the podcast live, Tilly said that she was “95 percent” sure that she would marry her current partner. Subsequently, devoted listeners gave Kiyoko the nickname “95p”.


These two were still strong and kept everything a secret.


After the music video was shot in May 2022, Tilly tweeted. “The 3rd time is a charm.” So happy 🥰”.

On the same day, she shared footage of their last four years together via Instagram.

“It’s hard to say whether it’s a hard launch or a soft launch, but it’s a launch of ❤️ #95p,” she wrote.