The Chronicle of the Bridgerton Anthony is not the only one!


On Netflix, season 2 of The Bridgertons is highly anticipated. Information leaks then. Anthony will therefore not be the only star.

Netflix is ​​a hit with The Bridgertons. So, season 2 is eagerly awaited by fans. Besides, it looks like Anthony isn’t the only star on the show.

The Bridgertons Chronicle is a hit on Netflix. And for good reason, the series brings together everything that fans love. Between torrid scenes and romances, viewers are therefore served.

So, fans of the series can’t wait to discover season 2. It must be said that Daphne and Simon have thrilled everyone with this great love story.

Indeed, the love story of the two main characters stirred the web. Once again, Netflix got it right.

In fact, season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle is shaking social media. And for good reason, fans of the series are trying to obtain information on the script.

Some details are therefore starting to leak on the Web. So rumor has it that Anthony will be at the center of this season. Pretty cool then.

He will then live a great love story with a new character. In fact, the actress who will lend her features to her sweetheart is a star of Sex Education.

And yet, it looks like Anthony isn’t the only one to appear in this season on Netflix.


The sequel to The Chronicle of Bridgerton is therefore in preparation. But Internet users will then have to wait before it is broadcast on Netflix.

In the meantime, fans of the series are then collecting information on this future shoot. Not surprising !

Anthony’s singer has already teased the release date. But that’s not all. It says more about everything that is preparing this season 2.

Even though it has been announced that Anthony is the main character in this new season, it seems that is not all.

In an interview, the actor therefore talks about season 2 of the Netflix series. Thus, Anthony will not be the only character to experience twists in his love life.

So he explains, “There are going to be a lot of great characters featured in the show, it’s not just Anthony that we’re going to be interested in.”

The handsome actor then adds: “This robust universe created by Shonda and Chris will grow and push the limits in a rather subversive way. (…) There will be a lot of little winks for all the characters “.

So, readers of Julia Quinn’s novel will be able to guess what it is about.

In addition, the actor of the Netflix series admits to being very surprised by this choice. Being the star of this season scares him. He then says, “It’s a little creepy now.”

This season 2 therefore seems to reserve great surprises for viewers. We will have to wait to discover all this in pictures on Netflix. To be continued.


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