The chip crisis may return to chip abundance in 2023!


The chip crisis, which has caused great wounds especially in the automobile industry, may turn into a tragicomic situation in 2023.


The chip crisis is a nightmare, especially for the auto industry. Although new plans are constantly being put forward to overcome this nightmare, the result of these plans can turn the business into a tragicomic situation. According to a report, chips that are being complained of being scarce these days may be complained of because they are abundant in 2023.

According to the analyst firm, the chip crisis may end unevenly

Currently, many technology manufacturers have reserved the production lines of the factories. We have heard from some people that this hasty attitude is a surplus in the long run. Now, IDC, an analytics company, says there will be excessive chip production in 2023.

Again, according to IDC’s report, there will be a relaxation in chip supply by 2022 and a balance will be established towards the end of the year. However, an imbalance is foreseen for the future. The supply, which will remain low at the end of the year as people go on vacation, may cause major problems for producers at that time.

chip crisis

If we talk about 2021, all production lines are reserved. Large companies competed to have their own chips produced on these tapes, and further production is no longer possible. Because it is known that production is made at maximum capacity at the moment, but the production at this capacity is not enough.

2022 will be the year of prosperity in chip supply
According to the discourse of many analysts, the chip problem will be solved to a large extent in 2022. It is not yet known what to do with the excess stocks after the problem is resolved. Especially since there are serious production problems in the automobile industry, manufacturers do not hesitate to order chips from large pockets.


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