The Chip Crisis Hit Renault This Time Again


Renault: The shortage of chips, which started with the pandemic and used in the production of many technological products, continues to negatively affect automotive giants. Affected by the chip crisis, Renault announced that it would not produce for a week or not for a week in its Bursa factory due to the chip shortage. A global crisis has occurred in the production of chips used in the production of many technological products, from smartphones to computers, from military equipment to automobiles, which started with the COVID-19 pandemic. The chip crisis emerged when the production of chips, which are of great importance in every field from vehicle systems to the defense industry and wearable technologies, came to a standstill due to the pandemic.

The chip shortage caused by factories that stopped production had a shocking effect on many sectors, especially automotive. Technology giants and automotive manufacturers have repeatedly announced that there are problems in the production of many products. The chip crisis, which affected the automotive giants and made them think darkly, also seriously affected the Renault company.


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