The chief screenwriter of Miss Marvel is Bisha K. Ali talks about the finale and mass disclosure, as well as whether she wants to develop it herself


Massive spoilers of the final season of “Miss Marvel” “No Normal” are ahead, so read on at your own risk!

The season finale of “Miss Marvel” from Marvel Studios has passed, but fans are still discussing it. In this eventful episode, Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, finally established herself as a superhero, taking on dubious damage control. She also risked her life to save the newly superpowered Kamran. Of course, many are also still reeling from the game-changing discovery that has been made in the last few minutes. But what was it like for the main screenwriter of the show , Bisha K. Ali and her team find out about it themselves? Well, the producer has shed some light on this, as well as whether she would be personally interested in developing this aspect of Kamala’s journey.

In the final moments of the sixth episode of “Miss Marvel”, the teenage heroine met with friends Nakia and Bruno to spend the evening. The latter then told Kamala that while doing some research for her older brother Aamir, he had discovered something about her physiology. Interestingly, her DNA differs from THAT of her relatives due to what Bruno calls a “mutation”. That term alone was enough to excite fans, but many probably lost it when an excerpt from the classic X-Men theme music was played at that moment. (It’s funny enough that one of Kamala Iman Vellani’s favorite moments is related to Wolverine.)

Bisha K. Ali teased this important discovery when we talked during the junket of the Disney+ show, where she also talked about Kamala Khan’s preparation for “Miracles.” After the finale, she explained that Khan’s idea of being a mutant was not something she and her team had planned from the beginning. So when I chatted with her about the show after the finale, I was curious when the creative solution came into play and who implemented it. I mean, will Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige (who had development notes) personally reveal such things? As it turned out, this was not the case, but, as Ali reported, she learned about the exposure from another person who knows the character well enough:

You know, Sana [Amanat] was really our executive [producer] on this show, and she kind of showed up after our scripts were written… well, kind of like the first one, like, “Yeah, that’s what the show was scripted for. And after that moment, she became such a wonderful creative partner. And I’m so glad we had her, and she really was a means of communication for us in all these things.

It’s fitting that the writer/producer learns the news from Sana Amanat’s EP, as she co-wrote the character “Miss Marvel” in 2013. commotion in the studio. The mutant’s development definitely came as a surprise to her, especially because she wasn’t too focused on the bigger things happening in the cinematic universe:

Do I always come back to what this character is going through? And I’m so focused on the Kamala Arch and how we’re building it. And the kind of connection with these [larger MCU] parts and things that are honestly above my salary level, these things come from the top and change as you go along. So yeah, it really depends on the team there [at Marvel Studios], and it kind of helped us figure out where we were in our process. But it was really as much of a joyous surprise for me to find out that we were doing this as it was for anyone else.

A huge finale, of course, can (and should) change the KVM before the fifth phase. It also reinforces the notion that Kamala Khan’s role will grow even after her appearance in the sequel to Captain Marvel next year. But if the character ends up with the X-Men and other mutants, it’s only natural to wonder if Bisha will be k. Ali is interested in doing this project. When I asked her about it, she expressed some honest thoughts about the prospects, reflecting on her journey to Marvel:

For me, when I think about my time at Marvel, the last two shows and what an incredible experience it was for me, Bisha, as a person. … What an important chapter in my life has become this life as a creative person and as a person who loves this world. But Kamala’s story in particular was so special and seemed so personal to me, the journey she is on, and it’s a complete story, as if she’s leading her from where she started to the end. This is really a complete story for me personally. I don’t mean necessarily in the MCU. I have no idea what’s going on with her in the MCU. So for me, I feel like it was my heart.