The Chicago Police Showrunner Talks About Upton’s Obsession With Catching The Sun And Obstacles To Intelligence In The Fall Finale


Season 10 of the TV series Chicago Police. it should end in 2022, when the cops of the intelligence department will do everything in their power to gather enough evidence to put Sean O’Neill behind bars, despite the fact that the trafficker is also the son of the head of the police department. After Burgess and Upton managed to find a lead to find the body, the team really has a chance to link him to the crimes in the fall finale. However, according to showrunner Gwen Seegan, “Intelligence” will face some hurdles that will definitely disagree with Upton, in particular, and it won’t be a repeat of the fall Season 9 finale.

It was thanks to Upton that Intelligence even began to connect the dots that linked Sean O’Neill to human trafficking. Her suspicions about him turned into an obsession when Halstead didn’t try to persuade her… or at least bring her home so that she had a good night’s sleep. For better or worse, her obsession can take a very bad person off the streets. When Chicago Police Boss Gwen Seegan spoke to CinemaBlend about the fall finale, which will air on December 7. She shared how hard the case has hit Upton now that she and Burgess have found some factual (though not necessarily sufficient) evidence against Sean.:

She is monomaniacal towards this man. She’s so obsessed with this case. She’s not going home. She sits around all day, she got into his head like that. At that moment, she knew everything about him. At the end of [Episode 8], we saw that she just stayed in that room, right? Looking at this board and piecing together his entire life, she devoted herself completely to destroying this man. Now that we have a grain of real evidence, physical evidence, not only indirect, but even more. She’s just a woman on fire: “Let’s take him,” [and] will not be happy about the obstacles that will stand in her way in episode 9.

Episode nine is the fall finale, so Upton will have to overcome these obstacles if she wants a chance to catch Sean for his crimes before season 10 goes into winter break. Perhaps now that their investigation involves evidence rather than her instincts, she’ll have to follow the rules more, but it’s also hard to imagine her backing down if she believes she can save lives and put a prolific criminal behind bars.

Gwen Seegan did not disclose exactly what obstacles will be in the way of problems for Upton, although the description of the episode titled “Burden Proof” shows that Chief O’Neill will hire a lawyer as he tries to keep his son out of prison. On the other hand, Upton is not alone in trying to catch Sean. Now all the intelligence cops are involved (and Burgess is the one whose breakthrough led to the evidence). Gwen Segan told how they will all deal with this case:

It’s definitely all hands on deck. I think they are all incredibly interested in a case like this, especially in such a long-term investigation in which the victims are minors. Of course, everyone will invest in it. All of them will just shoot with all their might to overcome these obstacles.

All intelligence cops shooting the same person is usually very bad news for the bad guy, but the Chicago police. I’ve already proved that the need to work on the case, keeping him away from Chief O’Neill, caused some problems. In fact, the chief’s participation will be one of the obstacles, as Gwen Segan continued:

This is largely due to the fact that he is the son of a chief, so there are a lot of resources behind this, and the chief wants to protect him at any cost. So there are many obstacles they will face and everyone is investing equally. I think now we’re going to talk about how we can outsmart them? How do we outwit this man? And how do we get this case started, even if everyone is against us?

There are many unknowns in “Proof of the Burden”, not the least of which is whether the year will end with a cliffhanger for Chicago Police cops. Fans remember that the fall finale of season 7 ended with a shot at Halstead, and his fate is unknown in the bloody cliffhanger. On the other hand, the fall season 9 finale last year ended with some closure… and Upton and Halstead’s wedding, as well as a new dynamic with Voight.

There aren’t many problems with Upstead at the moment due to the departure of Jesse Lee Soffer, but the timing made me think: How will the show’s fall season 10 finale compare to the fall season 9 finale in 2021, when Upton and Halstead got married? Showrunner Gwen Seegan answered this very question:

Very different! Although it was also very dark. I mean, it was a wedding. It was a connection, but it was based on the fact that she instinctively needed to hold on to something, because all these terrible things had just happened to her. So I think this one is definitely just as bleak, but I think it’s encouraging. We just found evidence, you know, and it’s huge evidence. It’s something we can use to beat this guy. So in a way, it’s a hopeful, adrenaline-inducing discovery, even though it’s disgusting and dark and with all the nasty CPD stuff. [laughs]

Well, the Chicago police. No wonder he earned the reputation of the darkest of the three One Chicago shows, if the word “hopeful” can be used to describe the discovery of a body! Tracy Spiridakos and Jesse Lee Soffer talked about the wedding scene in Upstead (and what has changed) back in 2021; combined with Gwen Segan’s comments, it’s safe to say that the last episode of 2022 will go in completely different directions.

As for everything else that will happen in “Proof of the Burden”, you will have to tune in to NBC on Wednesday, December 7, at 22:00. ET for the fall finale of Chicago P.D. as part of the night action “Windy City” on the network. Chicago Fire will close in 2022 at 21:00. with some consequences (and a sky-high stunt) for Severide, and Chicago Med will say goodbye to Ethan because of what could be an extremely happy ending.

Check out our TV premiere schedule for 2023 to find out when One Chicago and other major shows will return in the new year, and use the Peacock subscription during the break if you need to fix Med, Fire and/or PD.


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