The Chestnut Man: Series Bets On Big Twists


The Chestnut Man: Since last week, when The Chestnut Man was released on Netflix, audiences have been wondering about everything that was featured in the Danish production of just six episodes of the streaming. Although it hasn’t been officially renewed for Season 2, it’s quite likely that a new block of chapters will be ordered soon.

This is mainly due to all the issues brought up by the filmmakers, who managed to transform something quite simple, in general terms, into a complex plot, with shocking twists and dubious characters. That way, stay tuned to all the details of the production by reading our full review!

The Chestnut Man: Is the Netflix series worth watching?

Betting on breathtaking thrillers seems to be a trend in streaming platforms, especially when the narratives are directly linked to issues of great identification with the public. It is with this premise that The Chestnut Man (Kastanjemanden, in the original) starts its first episode, bringing some references to Danish culture.

The story is set in the city of Copenhagen, when a serial killer seems to torment the population and the investigation of the case finds itself intrigued by the evidence found in the respective crime scenes.

And within this narrative context, there are several interesting elements linked to this very mysterious figure, after all, the murderer has a bizarre signature. If every time someone is found dead a little doll made of chestnuts is hung close to the scene, it can be concluded that there is only one culprit.


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