The Chestnut Man: 5 Questions Left For Season 2



The Chestnut Man is the newest series from Netflix. The series was inspired by a book of the same name by the Danish writer Søren Sveistrup. The 1st season of the Nordic series was a great success and left the audience full of questions for a possible continuation.

The story follows the search for a serial killer, who appears to have his mothers as his favorite victims. The criminal’s trademark becomes a small nut doll.

To make the situation even more curious, the case is apparently related to Kristine Hartung, the missing daughter of a high-ranking politician. To investigate the case, detectives Mark Hess and Naia Thulin were called.

After the end of Season 1 of The Man of the Chestnuts, fans of the show were filled with doubts. So, check out 5 questions that Season 2 of the Chestnut Man series could answer!

5. How will the Hartung family move forward?

Although experiencing a kind of happy ending, the Hartung family goes through big problems during the 1st season. As if the trauma of their daughter’s kidnapping and alleged murder wasn’t enough, the Hartungs had to deal with the fact that the serial killer’s crimes were caused by the actions of Rosa, the family matriarch, as a child.

This has some consequences for the Hartung family to deal with next season. The main one is the reflection of the traumas of the event for the children Kristine and Gustav. Furthermore, politician Steen will need to deal with the pressures of his wife being the main reason for the atrocities committed by the serial killer.

4. How did the killer become the guy who got the victims’ fingerprints?

In the course of the series, we find out that the serial killer is forensics Simon Genz, who was involved in the investigations the entire time. His true identity is Toke Bering, a cruel man who has been shaped by a past full of tragedy and bad experiences with foster families.

But the big question that remains about him is: how did Simon, or Toke, manage to be the person who found Kristine’s fingerprints on the chestnut doll? It’s curious that the killer is the same person who gets the police crucial evidence about their own plans.

3. Could there be more chestnut men?

With the good chances of a 2nd season, the question that remains is: how will this happen? Toke Bering is definitely gone, and so the notorious serial killer is no longer the problem.

The very frightening possibility is that Toke’s feats inspire any fan who decides to keep the trademark. An example is Linus Bekker, who appears to be in awe of the killer, eventually becoming a copycat of Toke’s crimes.

2. Will Thulin continue in the administrative role?

The show begins with Detective Naia Thulin desiring an administrative job with the cybercrime police, as she ends up taking the stress of investigations home and is disrupting her personal life. At the end of season 1, Thulin conquers “the dream” of the administrative position thanks to the success of the murder hunt.

The question that remains is: will it withstand the monotony of the function? If some new horrific and seemingly unsolvable murder turns up, won’t the detective be called in on the case? If so, will Thulin be able to say no?

1. Thulin and Hess will have a relationship?

The cliché of a pair of investigators who start with a difficult relationship and gradually start to get along is also present in the Nordic series. It is clear that there is some chemistry and even a spark between the two. But, at the end of the season, everyone goes their own way and fans are left with no answer on that question.

So, will they stay close and become a couple, or will the new roles cause them to drift apart? All this can only be answered in a possible 2nd season of the series.


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