The cheaply escaped space mission is over!


The Mars orbital mission based on a small budget is over! The project, which has been going on for 10 years, was designed for six months.

The Mars Orbiter Mission project, which means Mars Orbital Mission, has come to an end. The space mission, which began on November 5, 2013, entered Mars orbit about a year later. The mission is stopped due to lack of fuel. This mission was the first Martian mission of an Asian country. The preparation of the project was based on the use of a small budget. Let’s look at the details of the news together.

The Mars Orbiter mission was designed for six months!

The Indian Space Research Organization has prepared an orbital flight to Mars with a smaller budget than the budgets of NASA and the European Space Agency. India used the lowest project costs by reducing testing and simplifying the design. Despite this, it was announced that remarkable technological and scientific achievements were discovered in the research, for which $73 million was spent.

Originally designed for six months, this mission lasted about ten years. The Indian Space Research Organization welcomed the project, which lasted longer than expected. The scientists said they had declared the spacecraft beyond repair and that it had reached the end of its life. In addition, he made the following statement about the project:

“This mission will always be considered an outstanding technological and scientific achievement in the history of planetary exploration.”

Communication with the Mars orbital mission was interrupted after a long-term eclipse in April 2022. In the project, he was able to photograph the entire face of the planet, while revealing information about the Martian atmosphere. However, he was unable to obtain information about methane gas in the Martian atmosphere, which is one of the important tasks of the project, since the research sensor did not work.

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