The cheapest and most annoying enemies of Elden Ring


In Elden Ring, there are a lot of different enemies that can be encountered in the Lands Between, but some of them are ridiculously difficult or even frankly unfair.

The Elden Ring is home to a large list of different enemies, and some of them are incredibly annoying. Shortly after completing the training, players are sent to Limgrave, in the open area of the Elden Ring. Most of the enemies encountered in the open fields and in the sparse forests of this region consist of armored knights. Although some of them can be quite challenging — for example, horse riding, the boss Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring — they are usually not very annoying. Most of their attacks are direct blows with swords and spears. Dodging, blocking, or parrying is usually enough to deal with these opponents. Once the player character, known as Tarnished, advances further in the game to level up, he can also return to Limgrave to face previously invincible enemies.

Different game styles work better against certain types of enemies in Elden Ring. Flying creatures can prove difficult opponents for melee builds based on strength or agility, as they are difficult to reach until they attack, but for a ranger with a bow, the same enemy can be an easy battle. The variety of Elden Ring equipment and initial classes makes different builds viable in most situations, provided that the player character has the right skills needed to succeed. However, not all encounters with enemies in the Inter-Lands are so forgiving.

There are several enemies in the Elden Ring that are simply impossible to fight. Some of them are very mobile with long-range jumping attacks and dodges that make striking consecutive blows a futile effort, while others place the player in an arena completely unsuitable for the upcoming battle. Given that many players have gone through the plot of the game, there are no enemies that cannot be defeated. However, to overcome some of them in Elden Ring requires much more time and patience, or even just an old-fashioned game. Being on top and overcoming unimaginable odds is an important part of the Elden Ring gameplay, but some opponents just seem completely unfair.

The Boss of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit in the Elden Ring is Absurd

The ulcerated tree spirit is one of the most frequent boss battles in the Elden Ring. This enemy appears at least six times throughout the game, but the first one most players encounter is in the grave of the Fringefolk hero. This additional dungeon is located right behind the Cave of Knowledge. As players navigate his deadly wandering Chariot, they will eventually arrive at a boss arena inhabited by a Flawed Tree Spirit.

Unlike the battle with Godric the boss in the Elden Ring, this huge decaying dragon-like creature has several attacks that cover most of its small arena. He can also spew flames from his mouth or even create a powerful explosion of fire that is barely enough to escape. Due to the large size of this monster, but the small arena, the camera will often malfunction in the image of the creature, effectively making the player blind and unable to predict attacks or even know where to hit. It is better to take the strongest weapon with you to quickly deal with this tiresome enemy, although excessive leveling is not enough to reduce the frustration of repeated collisions.

Archers-followers of Elden Ring never miss

Located deep underground in the well of the Sofria River, near the Eternal City of Nokron in the Elden Ring, the Followers of the ancestors stand guard and attack the player as soon as they notice. Conventional melee options don’t pose much of a threat. They can do decent damage with their attacks from close range, but they can always be dealt with.

However, ancestral archers have superhuman bow and arrow skills. Players who come into view when a magic arrow is fired are almost guaranteed to get hit, which can be doubly frustrating when trying to explore and light the lights to gain access to Ancestral Spirit boss fights. Even when you are driving at full speed and perpendicular to the trajectory of the arrow on the back of the faithful steed Elden Ring Torrent, it is almost impossible to dodge the projectile. This single type of enemy can turn the beautiful underground well of the Sofria River from a joyful expedition into a tedious fatigue.

Stormveil Warhawks are the worst flying enemies of Elden Ring

After defeating the difficult boss Margit, the Fallen Omen, players receive a reward in the form of access to the Huge Stormvale Castle in the Elden Ring. Within the walls of this vast complex, many deadly enemies were hiding, including trolls, live jugs and even an exiled knight. But the most annoying enemy in the castle, of course, is the Stormvale Warhawk. This unpleasant airborne pest is a large bird with a sword attached to each leg. In addition to fast and unpredictable strikes, he can also pick up explosive barrels and throw them at the player.