The ChatGPT-Based PC Builder From Newegg Is Already Here, But It Is Absolutely Useless


Retailer Newegg has released an update for its PC assembler, which now includes ChatGPT support. This allows users to enter a hint to collect recommendations on PC components. However, it is obvious that the tool needs to be improved.

This week, a new problem appeared in the AI rat race, as ChatGPT began to allow external integrations and plugins through third parties. One of these integrations now includes the Newegg PC builder. It is known that it is difficult for beginners to assemble a gaming PC. But Newegg aims to fix this by using ChatGPT knowledge to make it easier for new users.

The PC assembly process can be divided quite simply, but due to the huge number of parts and compatibility issues, it can be difficult to choose a system that is perfect for you. In an effort to see what the new Newegg tool offers, we tested it.

We tried to build a PC using ChatGPT

In an effort to give the artificial intelligence-based Newegg configurator a chance, we wanted to first check how well its recommendations scale. So, we are introducing a “Budget PC Gaming System for CS Games:GO in 1080p resolution”. Immediately we faced a mistake, falling at the first obstacle.

So, we tried to simplify the hint in an attempt to get a recommendation, and we were met with a puzzling recommendation: a 13th-generation Intel system with Raptor Lake i7-13700k, in addition to the Z790 motherboard and an average AMD RX 6600 GPU. The assembly cost $ 1,215, and more than half of this budget was allocated only for the processor and motherboard.

Although it will be played in CS:GO, it is an incredibly scalable game and it will run on much weaker hardware than offered. This means that although the configurator did meet the requirements for the PC, we got a rather lopsided PC build.

We added another hint to the configurator “Premium PC gaming system for 4K streaming”, and again the results confused us even more. We stopped at the recommendation of Alder Lake of the previous generation with i9-12900K and Radeon 6800XT, which lacks powerful NVENC encoders from Nvidia, which greatly simplify streaming from your PC. It was a simple attempt by the tool to recommend completely new parts. But, for some reason, there seems to be an aversion to it.

In an effort to crack a “brand new” PC build, we tried again to develop a request to force a new build, and it got even stranger.

We developed the hint “4K Premium Gaming PC with the latest components and RGB”, which we thought would be a pretty simple case of Intel 13900K or AMD 7950X3D recommendation along with RTX 4090. Oh, how wrong we were.

The first option we encountered included a previous-generation i9-12900k with a Z690 motherboard and a GeForce RTX 3050.” as our tip suggested.

The second option was a little more intrusive, but this time we were met by a processor that is several generations old, Intel I9-11900F, Z590 motherboard and RTX 4090. However, the assembly cost about $6,000. . Feeling that something was wrong, we delved deeper and found that the configurator had added an Intel Optane PCIe solid-state drive for $2,400, which is just thousands of dollars that is better spent on a good NVMe solid-state drive.

A processor that is several years old and an expensive SSD were the last nails in the coffin during our testing. It is clear that this PC assembler is simply not suitable for this purpose.

The ChatGPT—based PC assembler from Newegg is a disaster

After a brief acquaintance with the artificial intelligence-based PC builder, it becomes clear that it is simply not suitable for this purpose and will not recommend a balanced PC, which we really recommend you to use. Although it is still in beta testing, we recommend removing it completely from the website. Until the developers have trained the AI a little more, so as not to spit out completely bizarre PC builds, do not use it.


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