The charm of Makshuti’s face from Borderlands 2


In the 13 years since the Borderlands franchise was launched, there have been quite a few missions, some of which are more memorable than others. The Borderlands 2 quest “A Dam Fine Rescue” is one of the best, as it challenges players to pass through a dam controlled by bandits, fighting hordes of enemies—humans and robots. On the other hand, a lot of sampling quests serve as nothing more than an addition that increases the game time.

While the main missions of the Borderlands series tend to be better than the additional content, there are cases where side missions shine. Because of the script, characters, and goals, all good additional content has one thing in common: they encapsulate what makes Borderlands so unique. Case in point: Borderlands 2 side mission “Shoot this guy in the Face.”

Just give McShooty’s face what he wants

“Shoot this guy in the face” is given by none other than Face McShooty in Thousand Cuts, a location found around the middle of the main Borderlands 2 campaign. At first glance, Face McShooty looks like one of the many psychos that players have shot throughout the game, with the only visible differences being the character’s mohawk and his passive character in relation to the players. Face McShooty has another characteristic that distinguishes him from other psychos, and this is his endless requests to passersby to shoot him in the face.

Interacting with Face McShooty triggers a side quest that gives players a single task: to shoot Face McShooty in the face. If he hits him anywhere else on his body or with anything other than a bullet, he will yell at the players, prompting them to adjust the line of sight and aim at his head with a pistol. Makshuti’s shot in the head will cause him to die, but not before he sincerely shouts: “Thank you!” to his killers. This Borderlands 2 side mission ends shortly after and rewards players with money, experience points, and an achievement called “Well, that was Easy.”

A simple but enjoyable quest

The simplicity of “Shoot this guy in the face” is evident in all its aspects. Everything, from the name of the mission and its purpose, right down to the name of a minor character and his voice lines, is firmly set on the only idea to shoot Face Makshuti in the face. Considering the other goal—filled quests that players have completed in Borderlands 2, this particular mission is a breath of fresh air.

The mission also exudes Borderlands’ signature humor, dark and straightforward. Both the side mission and Face McShooty have a unique mindset with no hidden tones or motives behind them. Anthony Birch, lead writer of Borderlands 2, explained in a Reddit AMA that the character Face McShooty and the mission were inspired by a video on The Onion, which featured a fictional video game whose sole purpose was to shoot enemies in the face. Given the dark tone of the fake game, it seemed appropriate to somehow add it to the Borderlands universe.

When players are asked to think about the most memorable missions of the Borderlands franchise, most likely, “Shoot this guy in the Face” will be on most of these lists. This is a short, simple and extremely easy mission, especially when combined with other quests that force players to jump through various hoops to complete them. Players’ memories of the mission are also compounded by Face McShooty’s constant pleas to shoot him in the face, which very few people can do with such pleasure and ferocity. In a way, the character Face McShooty personifies the Borderlands franchise as a whole: loud, unapologetic, and sometimes a little crazy.

Borderlands 2 is already available on PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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