The characters of “Very strange cases” and their counterparts from “Star Wars”


Fans are still worried about the release of the second volume of “Very Strange Cases 4″ on July 1, 2022. The series has received a record number of views on Netflix, which puts it on a par with blockbuster series such as Star Wars. Interestingly, both franchises have characters that are comparable to each other.

Whether it’s ladies with mysterious abilities like Eleven and Rey, or stylish mavericks like Steve Harrington and Han Solo, fans of “Very Strange Cases” and “Star Wars” can communicate through the attributes of the characters. Since the premiere of “Very Strange Things 5” will take some time, it’s worth exploring the details of the show’s characters and comparing them with the cast of “Star Wars”.

Joyce Byers: Obi-Wan Kenobi

There is quite a lot in common between these two characters: Joyce’s doubts about Will and Jonathan coincide with Obi-Wan’s fears in Star Wars about Anakin. Two characters are, in fact, involved in the role of parents, not being fully prepared for this, but they try their best.

They may not want to take a step forward, but when they do, they will give themselves completely to the cause, because saving Jim Hopper Joyce is similar to how Obi-Wan saved Leia. Joyce and Obi-Wan are also wiser than most because their experiences have shaped their knowledge of how the world works.

Mike Wheeler: Lando Calrissian

Fans have heard a mix of Mike’s funny and inspirational quotes from “Very Strange Things,” most of which came out when he was under pressure. He’s the kind of guy who needs time to work up the courage to act, even getting into fights with his friends because of his stubbornness.

Similarly, Lando did not stand up for his allies against Darth Vader, only to come to their aid when he felt guilty for his actions. Lando is not the bravest or the most conflicted, his development comes from the events around him, not from his own decisions. Just like Mike has a notable but sometimes stormy friendship with Lucas, Lando has a friendship with Han Solo.

Dustin Henderson — By Dameron

Dustin and Poe, who have a completely unique mindset, are prone to rebellion and utter a lot of witticisms, are pretty much the same people in different universes. Fans have enjoyed Dustin’s numerous quotes from “Very Strange Cases” over the years, as the character has his own opinion about everything.

Po is also very self-confident, he feels right all the time, even arguing with his superiors in the Resistance. Where Poe has an affair with Finn, Dustin has an affair with Steve — both duets carry a mixture of fun and genuine emotional connection. Dustin and Poe also shamelessly remain themselves, not caring what people think about them.

Nancy Wheeler: Padme Amidala

Most fans of “Very Strange Cases” consider Nancy to be the smartest character, although she had to do a lot to prove it. She is underestimated because of the time she lives in, but Nancy always comes up with creative ways to get around it. Similarly, Padma had to come up with a decoy of herself so that she could conduct her research throughout the galaxy.

Padme became a senator to change the world for the better and to make her voice heard, and Nancy took on the role of a journalist to achieve the same goal. Two characters have also been in novels that seem doomed to fail, but their tenacity of spirit makes them hope for the best.

Jim Hopper: Qui-Gon Jinn

Anakin would never have become Darth Vader if he had grown up under Qui-Gon’s paternal care. Likewise, Eleven wouldn’t have been able to be a normal girl if Hopper hadn’t taken care of her. Qui-Gon and Hopper are fatherly figures who help people feel safe.

Qui-Gon had a Chosen One in the person of Anakin, whom he took under his wing, and Hopper also had a powerful Eleven, whom he taught to get in touch with his emotions. Hopper and Qui-Gon may go a little overboard in their defense, but it all comes down to their loyalty to their loved ones.

Lucas Sinclair: Finn

Lucas always had something of an identity crisis, he wanted to adapt to school and was not sure of his place in a group of friends. Lucas needed to fight off Jason and his henchmen to feel that he was worthy of his role in life. Similarly, Finn was unhappy with the stormtrooper and became part of the Resistance to find out who he really was.

Finn was brave enough to fight Kylo Ren, showing the same courage as Lucas in the fight with Jason. Lucas and Finn also have something of a one-sided devotion to Max and Rey, wanting to be around the ladies but not knowing what to say. The dynamics of Lucas and Mike are also similar to Finn and Poe.

Will Byers: C-3PO

Comparing these two may seem comedic, but they have surprisingly similar characteristics. Will and C-3PO tend to be nervous and confused, but they also participate in their allies’ battles and are desperate to adapt to them. They are never leaders, they always follow the instructions of others.