The characters have returned to the embrace of people at Disney World this year, and one actor’s video is going viral


When the Disney parks reopened after the pandemic, they did so without many impressions that the guests learned and loved. Gradually, these things began to return to the experience at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. One of the last things that came back was the opportunity to get closer to the costumed characters. And we see how important it was for many people.

Recently, a video went viral showing how excited a young woman is after hugging Goofy. Now we are seeing a similar situation for a Disney World actor who visited Disney World Typhoon Lagoon and hugged the “boss”. Facebook Instagram They shared a wonderful moment that is currently going viral on both Facebook and Instagram. Check it out.

It’s easy to be cynical, but honestly, it’s nice to see people have these moments. You can see the emotion in her eyes. As a cast member, she knows better than anyone that this giant mouse is actually just another cast member, but it doesn’t matter here. He’s Mickey Mouse.

For some, being a cast member of Disney World is probably just a job, even if they can work hard to do it well (some Disney Parks actors may overdo it). To some, obviously, it seems like something more than that. These actors see the Disney World the same way as many guests, as a place with a special meaning. For them, Mickey is not just a character played by an employee, but a “boss”. Not everyone has a relationship with a boss in which hugs feel appropriate.

This video follows a video from a woman who got emotional on the video after hugging Goofy, a character she associated with her deceased grandfather. Many people began to criticize this clip and the concept of “Disney Adult” in general, but in the end, if this interaction is meaningful to someone for literally any reason, that’s all that matters.

Although both Disneyworld and Disneyland found ways to bring the characters to the parks when they reopened, they were previously kept at a distance. Populating them in parks was still pretty cool, as parks seemed more alive, but for those who wanted this one-on-one moment, it wasn’t the same. While things may never be the way they were before the pandemic, they are as close to “normal” as possible. The characters are back, the fireworks and other nocturnal spectacles are back. For those looking for their special Disney moment, now it’s possible again.